App Review: Heyday

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Category: Lifestyle App

Cost: Free

I got really bored one day and this was one of the apps I have come across that was free. I am very glad I got bored that day because I love this app.

I really enjoy this app. While part of me does find it creepy that it tracks my location (come on that is just creepy that a piece of technology that isn’t living knows where you are), but I love the fact that it is automatic. It is cute, I love the image that comes up automatically.

One issue that I have noticed and I am not sure if it is just me. When the app first came out there was the issue of whenever you deleted a photo it would also delete it from Heyday as well. I didn’t like that. I like taking photos and I take a lot. Unfortunately I also love having lots of apps.

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Between having lots of apps and lots pf photos I have to make room. It is easier to upload the photos & videos and delete of the phone.

Unfortunately when you do that, it deletes the pictures from Heyday. I was not happy when I realized that.


From my phone 🙂

Now, I did look on their support and  if you have cloud stream connected it should work. For some reason though I have cloud stream and it isn’t working… I don’t what it is, but I will have to work it out with apple.

So be warned before you delete your photos. I would advice deleting photos that are your phone from instagram or whatever other picture app you have because that will take up space and that is what I have been doing.

I have to give this app…4 stars currently.4 stars


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