Movie Review: Babylon 5: The Lost Tales



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Title: Babylon 5: The Lost Tales

Actors: Bruce Boxleitner, Tracy Scoggins, Peter Woodward

Language: English (Dolby Digital 5.1)

Subtitles: English

Rated: Not Rated

Released: July 31, 2007

After I came home from work the other day, my dad had been watching Babylon 5: The Lost Tales. My boyfriend and I had bought it a month earlier for about $10. It originally costs $20.

Even though I enjoyed it, I would not pay $20 for this movie. I wouldn’t.

Still, I was expecting it to be far worse.

What I liked about this movie:

  • The Graphics. I don’t think I could talk enough about how much I love the graphics. You have to understand you are going from 90s graphics to 2007. The Space station Babylon 5 itself looks amazing, the jumpgates look fantastic, and everything looks a lot clearer and crisp. I LOVE IT!!! I think my dad and I spent about 10 minutes going “Oh My Gosh.” “Look at that.”
  • The First half of the movie. I really liked the story line in the first half of the movie. The demonic possession, needing to get an exorcist, etc. I even loved the fact that the heavens represented the rest of the galaxy and being cast down into “hell” comprised of all the demons and Lucifer being cast and trapped on Earth itself. I thought that was great.

I was able to deal with Lochley. She wasn’t trying so hard to be like Ivanova  in the 5th (and last) season and she wasn’t as annoying. I had such a hard time watching the last season I have never finished it all the way through (doesn’t help that it was the worst season ever)!

What I didn’t like:

  • Prince Vintari’s monologue. He tells us his whole sob story and his plan of action as soon as we meet him. Granted he is the son of the former crazy emperor so he could have some of the crazy in him, but it still felt unrealistic. My dad and I looked at each other in confusion.
  • The ending. it felt underwhelming and not finished. With how the cover was I was expecting one more part of the story. Maybe follow the technomages around.
  • The last half felt too quick.
  • The “resolution” was terrible. I was waiting for more. With how the cover was designed and the title, I was expecting at least 3 “tales” to this movie.
  • It should have just been called the Lost Continuous Tale.

I would have to give this movie…. 3 stars. 3 star

Have you seen this movie? What were your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below!


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