First Impression: Ladies of London

ladies of london

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Okay, ever since I saw Bravo went across the Ocean to have a reality show take place I was excited. I have a list of places I want to go to and London is one them.

Still as the premiere drew closer, I began to get a sour taste in my mouth every time I saw the Ladies, especially Caroline. I thought maybe it was just the commercials making it appear that way.

Well, I can tell you that, I don’t see myself liking her anymore in the future. If I met her in real life (doubt I would, still though), I would walk right past her and not give her a moments notice.

(From here on out, I will make references to the episode, so if you don’t want to know, don’t read).

Caroline Stanbury, head of a luxury item company and born in the Vestey dynasty, has no problem criticizing the expats (Americans who now live in London). From the beginning when she said I don’t have to buy my way into society. I was born into it. I was rubbed the wrong way. just because you just because you are born into a high class society, doesn’t mean you are classy. It doesn’t. You may know the social rules and everything, but you don’t seem to fully abide by them. You appear to lack grace, wisdom, kindness, and humility.

I wish I could list all the insults that she put in the episode, but I think that one that stood out to me is about America Women. That Americans tend to churn out the step-ford wife mentality, which British men love.

Way to insult British men and American Women. How (not) classy.


Caroline, just want to let you know something……

Just because you are born rich, doesn’t mean you are entitled to be a bitch. ~Christine V. (that’s me)


Caprice Bourett said one thing that threw me off that in the business world  in the UK it is a mans world, but American women are more respected. Part of me is torn as to what to think about that!


Another issue I had was what Marissa Hermer said on this show. To paraphrase it, when she first tries to get into London society she is ignored. Only when do people learn that her husband is Matt Hermer, owner of a hot nightclub frequented by royals, do they give her a time of day.

Lovely People (sarcasm).

If it had been me, I probably would have ignored them and found a new set of people. Just me though. I don’t deal with false friends.



Finally, I have one more aspect of this show that rubbed me the wrong way.

I felt like the British “Ladies” (and I use that term loosely due to their behavior)  were very nasty and judgmental about Americans. They were condescending and rude to all the American ladies.

I was generally surprised about how much they didn’t like Americans. Between calling American women Step-ford wives in the making and dogs. You British ladies are tacky. Making fun of the Women’s enthusiasm for life, sitting there acting all apathetic as though you are above it all (you aren’t).

You act as though you are better than us Americans, yet you are on a show that airs (and has aired)  Real Housewives of New Jersey, Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Washington D.C., New York, and Orange County. You think you are filled with class and grace, yet your show is aired on a channel that is known for crazy drama and catfights. I know Caroline’s friends were against the idea of her going on this show, I wonder what they think of her (honestly, not just to her face) . Also this show isn’t being aired in the UK as far as I know, there hasn’t been word of it. I think it should. Your show is being aired on an American Network in the United States of America. Do you think people will want to see Americans being constantly bashed?

Let the ladies see how London Society reacts to them than.

Seriously, you see in the clips that one shouldn’t air their “dirty laundry” like a “fishwife” (SMH) and yet they are on a reality show, where stuff like that *gasp* happens! I wonder what your high society friends will think of you British Ladies after this?  It goes against the whole privacy and don’t get your name in the papers unless it is for a good thing and even then make sure it doesn’t happen often. I wonder if the Royals will visit you Caroline after you being on this show?

I am curious as to their answers as to why they are doing this. I know most of them are doing this probably to gain money, but I am curious for their “moving” answers.

I respect women who work their way to prestige and power, not those that are born into it and handed it on a silver platter and brag about it. There is nothing wrong with being born into, but if one of the ways you value an individual is the social class they were born into (or a title) you need to a reality check and spend some time in a 3rd world country, alone, and without connections. I think you would change your tune fast.

I could tell I wasn’t the only one that felt this way about the “Ladies” when I hit Twitter, I saw tons of people talking about how nasty the British women were, the irony, and the hypocrisy of the situation.


Despite all of this, I will probably watch the next episode. Only because I am curious and (hopeful) that the Anti-American rhetoric will not be a common denominator.

Although I have doubts about it.

Did you watch the episode? What were your thoughts on it? Are you going to watch the show? Let me know in the comments below!


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