If I Was a Saint….

me with halo


Being Catholic the idea and the concept of sainthood is talked about a great deal. For those that have no idea about Saints we don’t treat them like gods. We just pray to them.

That may be confusing, but let me explain. This is how I have understood it.

You ask family and friends to pray for you or to keep you (or someone you know) in their thoughts.  Well Saints are just those that the Church are 100% sure made it to Heaven (thanks to the miracles and thanks to God). When we are praying to the Saints we are asking them to keep us in their thoughts and prays and pray to God for us (they have all the time after all). They in turn pray for us, when we are busy with our human lives (not an excuse not to pray, but they can give us a helping hand).

Each Saint is a “patron,” a supporter of a cause, country, etc. Joan of Arc for example is the Patron Saint of France, soldiers, prisoners, military captives, women who serve in the military, etc. When I went through Confirmation she was the Saint I chose, I have always been fond of her. A strong young women leading an army of men, with no education or military experience ( in the 1400s). To me, she is badass.

For me I felt like it helps the individual to begin making a connection with their brother/sister in heaven they never met. It helps people to have someone to relate to and pray to, especially since that saint (having already gone through that ) knows what that person is going through.

Which is why I believe Saints are very important.

With being Catholic the idea of one of us becoming a Saint does cross our mind. I won’t lie to you, it has crossed mine.

Over the years I have wondered what I would be the Patron Saint of if I was a Saint.

I have realized I would probably be the Patron Saint of a lot of Things…

  • Sufferers of Chronic Depression. I live with Depression and I am currently on medication.
  • Sufferers of Chronic Anxiety. I also with live with this.
  • Siblings of those with Autism and Children with Autism. My brother has Autism and I would want to help give strength both to those that are siblings and those who actually have it.
  • Those who Fear Failure. I fear failure and I want to help others.
  • Victims of Dating Violence. Whether emotional, sexual, or physical I want to help listen to that person, having been there myself.
  • Knee Issues. I have tendinitis in both of my knees, so I know the pain.
  • Sufferers of Black Mold. Having lived with black mold and how it has affected my health, I want to be there for others.
  • Self- Esteem Issues. Yes, I have this issue and I want to be there for others who have this issue.
  • Writers, Bloggers, and Authors. Whether they are published or dreaming of publishing, I would want to be there to support them.

Yeah, I know it is a long list, but hey I have been through a lot and I haven’t even listed everything either. I have only listed stuff I am ready to talk about.

What would you be the Patron Saint of? Let me know in the comments below!

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