Music Video Review: Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”

Grill is not attractive.

Grill is not attractive.

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I remember hearing this song first at the grammy’s and I liked it despite the fact that I thought some of the dancing was really lame. While on youtube I decided to browse around to find the music video. When I first saw it I thought it was a bad spoof of it and or a collection of katy perry music videos into one.

I honestly thought that. It probably would have been better.

When first watching this video, my reaction was this


I was genuinely confused. I did look into the background of the music video thanks to wikipedia, but honestly it just comes off as a jumble of hot mess.

My thoughts throughout the video:

  • Why is it set in Egypt when Aphrodite is mentioned in the song?
  • I can ignore the obvious Green Screen behind her in the beginning when she is on the “Nile”
  • I like the pop and lock moves the dancers are doing, fits well.
  • Shiny diamond grill bling in Egypt?
  • Why is there a pimp my chariot thing going on here?
  • The Color scheme is so outrageous for this time period, but so is everything else in this video. And I actually like it.
  • The Rap doesn’t fit the song. It doesn’t
  • I’m glad the dog didn’t get hurt.
  • Product Placement of Shoes?
  • Fast change there and hair color too.
  • I like how she says Dark Horse and yet she spreads her wings (becoming Horus) because that makes total sense!
  • Alien Pyramid??

What could have been done for this music video:

  • Have it be Cleopatra and Ceasar /or Marc Anthony in Egypt theme. If it had been this it could have been real interesting instead of just having Cleopatra (which was the inspiration apparently, but I didn’t see it). Although they were Roman, they did have Venus (the Roman copycat version of Aphrodite). Also Cleopatra was powerful and not to be messed with.
  • Have it set if Greece. Maybe like a grecian temple, she could be a high priestess, the daughter of a senator, a prophetess, etc. Aphrodite is mentioned, there was witchcraft in Greece.
  • Salem Witch Trails. Even though I didn’t like her performance I loved the theme there. I thought it could have translated well to the music video.
  • Combine it all together! Think about it, have it rotate between 3 different time periods, Anceint Greece, Ancient Egpyt with the two lovebirds, and finally the Salem Witch Trails. Magic and dominant, powerful women would be the theme, it would show witchcraft and magic throughout history, and it would be really cool too.

What were your thoughts on this music video? Let me know in the comments below!


One thought on “Music Video Review: Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”

  1. samanthasky09

    I’ve never seen the video yet but I enjoyed reading your thoughts about it. I’ll keep them in mind when I watch the music video; and perhaps come up with my own ‘what could have been done’.


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