Book Review: I Wrote This For You

i wrote this for you


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Title: I Wrote This For You

Author: pleasefindthis (if you want to know the author click here to find out the authors name, look in bio section)

Publisher: Central Avenue Publishing [2014]

Genre: Poetry

Paperback:  204 pages

I was browsing through the poetry section with my boyfriend. Even though I have written poetry and have read some, it is really hard for me to find poetry that I like. It is hard to find poetry that doesn’t read as though it is written by an academic trying to sound lofty and brilliant; seeking to be patted on the back by his colleagues.

This book however caught my eye.

I started browsing through this book and I loved it. I was amazed by the simplicity and the expression.

To me this was poetry, not that esoteric drivel that I tend to hear sometimes in the classroom and at poetry slams. I have heard time and time again (with being an English major) that more people need poetry, that poetry isn’t as popular as literature, etc. Well if you don’t make it appealing to a wide audience, if you don’t consider your audience (instead of expecting the audience to read and know every single academic, lofty reference you make in this poem) than people won’t read it. It is that simple.

I have put little tabs on my favorite poems and my boyfriend is still in shock. He knows my stance on a lot of poetry. I loved this because of the simplicity.

I can’t tell you my amazement when I found the website. And to have learned that there is another sequel to the first one.

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This was a great book of poems. I really enjoy it.

I give this book 5 stars. 5 stars

Here is one of my favorites..

The Point of Contact

And then my soul saw you and it kind of went
“Oh there you are. I’ve been looking for you.”

~Pg. 7 I Wrote This For You

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts on this book? Which poem was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


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