June Blog Challenge


I know May isn’t even halfway over yet, but I am too excited for this idea that I wanted to mention it ahead of time.

I know how much I enjoy Blog Challenges and I thought why not host one? This will be my first one.


For the month of June I will be hosting this challenge and how you respond it is up to you. You can write, draw, take pictures, cook, anything. All you have to do is post it in a blog  and share it with me.

Here is how I will do it! I will post the challenges daily. I highly recommend you follow my blog through these various social sites so that way you can keep up to date! You have all of this month to complete it. If you don’t complete #1 on the day that it is posted, that is fine. Just make sure you complete the challenges before July 1, when the challenge will close.

Here is the list of challenges up to date:



Here are the Rules:

  1. This Challenge Begins June 1 at midnight
  2. Write a Post indicating you are participate in my blog challenge
  3. You Can respond in any way. I want you to be creative!
  4. Grab my button below and past it on your blog, webiste, etc. You get the idea.
  5. It will last for all of June
  6. It will end June 30  11:59pm
  7. Link back to this page!

Why Am I posting about the challenge so soon?

  1. I know summer is coming up and people will probably have plans. I want to give them a heads up.
  2. This is my first challenge and it will definitely be a challenge for me. By starting on it now, I will feel better.
  3. To help spread the word. I want it to spread to everyone that this challenge is happening!
  4. I am really excited to do this challenge!

The Comments will be closed on all June Blog Challenge related posts. If you have any questions or problems please email me AtMyRenaissance@gmail.com With the subject line June Blog Challenge 2014. 

I can’t wait to see everyone who will be participating. To participate just click on the view/add link button. It will leave your link at this bottom of this page to let me know that you are participating! Pingbacks are also enabled so that if you link to this post I will know about it and it will show your link at the bottom of the page.

Don’t forget to Grab My Button to post on your page!

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