Pass the Milk Please

I enjoy eating Spicy foods. I really do. I like going to Mexican/Latino restaurants that aren’t chains. I enjoy going to Chili’s, Taco Bell, Moe’s, etc.


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There is one problem though….

I am a total spice wimp.

I can’t handle spice and I am no ashamed to admit it.

What may be bland to you, is most likely spicy to me.

Every time I go to Chili’s, Taco Bell, Moe’s Southwest Grill, etc. I always get the least spiciest food on the menu. I will try my boyfriends food or my friends food, but usually it ends me with drinking a two glasses of water just to relieve my mouth from how hot it felt.

It really is a bummer, because I love the smell of the spicy food.

pass the milk

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In the meantime pass the milk…

Do you like spicy food? Can you handle spicy food? Let me know in the comments below!

Inspired by The Daily Post


4 thoughts on “Pass the Milk Please

  1. Meg

    I love the smell too. I also love the smell of Indian food but can’t handle it. Like you, my taste buds are way too sensitive!

  2. lovehappynotes

    I know how you feel. Spicy hot smells delicious but all I taste is ouch. My budding taste is burn. I wonder whether others have tongues of steel, and why mine is a melting mouthy mess.

  3. lefraise2002

    I love spicy foods! I always hear people say to drink milk if something you eat is too spicy, but I never tried it. I guess I will try to eat something outside of my spice level, and have milk ready and see how it works.


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