Oh, The Places I’ll Go: Ireland


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The first off in my “Oh, The Places I’ll Go” Series is Ireland.

I have always wanted to go to Ireland. My ancestors were Irish and I heard stories from my family about how they came over, the struggles they face, and I was inspired.

It makes sense that I have always been drawn to Ireland as a result.

Ireland is one of the places I want to travel to before I get married. These are listed in no particular order:

  1. Giants’s Causeway
    Photo CreditLook how cool this natural structure is. According to Legend it is the remain of a causeway that was created by giants. Hence the name.
  2. Trinity College Library
    trinity college old library
    Photo CreditWhy do I want to go to a library? If you don’t know by now I love libraries.Not only does this library contain some old texts and just happens to contain the Book of Kells. I also happen to love the architecture of the library itself.book of kells
    Photo Credit
  3. St. Patrick’s Cathedral
    st patricks church dublin
    Photo Credit

    Even if I wasn’t Catholic I would have to make a stop at this church in Dublin. It is a beautiful cathedral and would want to attend at least one mass service during my time in Ireland.
  4. Powerscout Estate
    Photo CreditI remember when I first saw this estate in The Count of Monte Cristo with Jim Caviezel, I fell in love with this house and I wanted to buy it. When I learned that is place was in Ireland I thought, ‘Surely this place will be mine.’ Than I learned it is now a shopping/dining/wedding reception venue.I can still dream of buying this place.Until than I would want to visit this place, heck I would love to have a wedding reception here.
  5. Cliffs of Moher
    cliffs of moher
    Photo Credit
    Who wouldn’t want to visit these beautiful cliffs.
  6. Blarney Castle
    blarney castle
    Photo CreditThis is a must see in Ireland. I want to go to the castle, kiss the stone, and hopefully get the gift of gab as a result.
  7. Ireland Potato Famine Memorial  in Dublin
    Photo Credit
    With my Irish heritage and being a lover of history, I feel I should visit this small memorial when I go to Ireland.
  8. Sean’s Pub, The Oldest Pub in Ireland
    Sean's Pub The Oldest Pub in Ireland
    Photo Credit
    It is the oldest Pub in Ireland, why wouldn’t I want to go? I even found their website.
  9. Woodenbridge Hotel, the oldest Hotel in Ireland
    Photo CreditI just think it looks pretty. That is why I want to visit it honestly, heck I would love to spend a night there.
  10. St. Patrick Festival in Dublin
    1363542896-st-patricks-festival-parade-held-in-dublin_1881983At least once in my life I want to go to what looks like a an awesome party!500000-pack-Dublin-for-St-Patricks-Day-TM15LJ28-x-large

Where would you want to go in Ireland? Let me know in the comments below?



One thought on “Oh, The Places I’ll Go: Ireland

  1. pavanneh

    Okay, that does it. No matter what I have to do I am going to visit Ireland. I would LOOOOVVVE to go that Library and the Giant’s Causeway!


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