Torn Between Fame & Obscurity


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You would think with a girl who has an instagram account, a Facebook page,a reddit account, a twitter, a tumblr, a pinterest account,  a youtube account (I’m debating about vlogging- that is a post for another day), and even a luvocracy; you would think I wouldn’t be torn about becoming famous.

But I am.

When I attended Pellissippi State I was heavily involved with the campus and knew a lot of the people there, or knew people or knew people. I was part of Gnosis for a while ( a service learning organization) , Imaginary Gardens (a great literary magazine),  I worked in Student Life, as well as in New Student Orientation, and I was a representative on a couple of student committees. Even though it was a small campus I would usually still see someone waving to me, asking me questions, or just generally talking to me. It felt great, it felt awesome, and I felt important.  I remember my first two semesters at Pellissippi State and although I knew a few people, it wasn’t nearly as many people that I did by the time I left. However by the time I left, I desired obscurity.


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It sounds terrible, but I got tired of running into people I knew everywhere I went. I really am an introvert, I just enjoy my own time and being in my own thoughts.  Since I have started classes at University of Tennessee I am lucky if I run into the people I know a few times a week. The only reasons why I seem some of my hall mates is because I sometimes I have breakfast or dinner with them, even than it all depends on how tired I am or how much homework I have to do.

At the same time I do miss that feeling that comes with it. The feeling of being recognized. The feeling of, ‘Hey I know you exist. It’s good to see that you are still existing.’ I like that feeling.

I know being recognized on a college campus is nowhere near the level of fame say, youtube famous, Hollywood famous, or J.K. Rowling famous. But I hope you get an idea. While I love being recognized, there are times when I just want to be left in peace.

I do enjoy getting involved and when I get involved, I tend to put all my effort into whatever I am doing (as long as I want to do it), and I usually do a pretty awesome job. I have trouble not putting 100% into whatever I set my mind to. Including this blog.

I also want to eventually be a published author. While I know it is unrealistic, I kind of hope to be the American J.K. Rowling. If I can be bigger than her, great.

I know it sounds so silly, but I can dream.

Well as a result between wanting to be a famous author, but wanting to enjoy the perks of being obscure and an introvert I’m torn. I have no idea which I would rather want more.

The only solution I have come up with is that I would have to become so famous I will have the ability to be a hermit whenever I please. I can have a cabin or cottage to which I can escape to constantly. I will have a secret hidaway where on family and close friends can be with me if I desire.

Would you want to be famous? What for? Let me know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Torn Between Fame & Obscurity

  1. stargazer2110

    Great post! Its interesting how our psyche loves the attention, and at other times rejects every “known” outside of our self, and enjoys time alone. And don’t cut yourself short…you have many years to become a well known author! To answer your question, I am not sure I would want to be famous…but if that just happened to be my fate, I would want to have an alias..I know I could not handle the fame. I would run away and hide in a cave lol.

  2. pavanneh

    I am not sure if I want to be famous per se. If I was to become famous however I would want it to be for Writing or doing something that helped society or the world. There are those who really hate “Brangelina” (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) but I admire them. I admire them for using their fame to accomplish good things and help people. They give their energy and time to helping others, not just their money. I also agree that if I was to become famous, hopefully it would involve enough money that I could live like a hermit if I chose to. I think the pressures of fame, especially in this world can be crushing.

    1. atmyrenaissance Post author

      I agree with your last statement, that is what scares me about the idea of fame! There is a lot of pressure and a lot you have to live up to.

      I personally don’t like Brangeine, but that is because I don’t like cheaters. However I do agree they have done some good.

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