To Me, It Isn’t Sincere



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They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I would have to say that it is…to a point.

Some may see this as pride, others may see this as being immature, but I do have my reasons. As someone who has had individuals copy their behavior, thoughts, choices, etc. I am only flattered by it if you inform me in some manner that you were inspired by what I was doing. Like I love your style so much, I thought I try it out for myself. I read that book thanks to you and you made a really good point in that blog. I started a blog thanks to you, it looked like so much fun.

The people that inspire you, deserve credit because obviously they did something right and deserve a little recognition.  When you don’t give some kind of recognition, that is when it can be creepy.

It can creepy though when friends do it. A lot.

While I appreciate people being inspired by me, I don’t want them to be me. If I wanted another me around I would find a way to clone myself and I don’t want to clone myself, that is just creepy.

I want to inspire people to be their best self. I don’t want to inspire them to be a carbon copy of me- that’s weird.

At the same time though I don’t mind people being inspired to try new hairstyles, fashion, makeup, jewelry, books, games, etc. because of me. Please don’t be a carbon copy of me. That is all I ask.

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