My Concerns Upon Seeing all the Maleficent Trailers

maleficentThe first time I heard news of the new Maleficent movie coming out, I was so excited. As soon as I heard Angelina Jolie was going to play the part of Maleficent, I groaned inward. I don’t think she is a bad actor, I just think she is overrated. I was also worried that they were going to “sex up” another badass female character. Either that or they were going to have us sympathize with her, can someone just be a villain just because they like being a villain.

When I saw the First Maleficent Teaser trailer I was really excited and nervous. When I first watched the teaser, I did get the sense that she was going to be a bad girl. Deceiving Aurora, an innocent girl. Those eyes of hers, also struck me.  I was taken aback by how striking they were and thinking ‘I want to have those contacts.’

The Second teaser trailer I was very excited to see the castle and the three fairies. If

In the latest release of the trailer one of my fears may have been founded. In the line they say You know the Tale. Now find out the Truth. As soon as I saw those words, I knew I just knew they were going to try to find a way to justify her actions. As I kept watching the movie a part of me was really frustrated, I just wanted her to be the villain. I was surprised by the fact that her Raven was in actually an individual that could turn into a raven. Than an answer that many disney fans have wondered may be answered, which made me happy. She was described by Disney originally as being a wicked fairy, so the fact that I saw with wings did have me all excited. I wsn’t sure, but was that the raven turning into the dragon? I hope not, I hope that is just a trick of the camera because I want maleficent to turn into the dragon! Maleficeint’s smile though.

Questions left over from all the trailers:

  • The Three Good Fairies are very tiny. Is that their permanent size or can they change their height? (I know in the animation they could change their height, but this is a different version of the movie).
  • If they can change their height does that mean Maleficent can as well? If we are too assume that she is too a fairy.
  • If Maleficent can’t change her size, why not?
  • Who cut off her wings? Was it the King? If so, why?


  • Maleficents wings were cut off by the King.
  • The King had plans to expand his land, disregarding the nature and the forest life that exists.
  • Maleficeint being a fairy is a defender of that life.
  • She doesn’t like the three faires because she feels they have turned their back on what they were originally supposed to do, protect life and nature.
  • The battle we see was a man veruses nature battle. Bringing in the concept of the harmful affects that humanity can have on the environment.
  • Maleficent sees that the King will use his daughter to expand his land and as a result harm more life.
  • Maleficent decides to put the daughter to sleep to prevent that from happening.
  • Maleficent will probably explain her side of the story to Aurora (she may or may not tell her about the fact that ‘oh I cursed you as a child, but I did it for the right reasons. No hard feelings?’ )
  • Aurora won’t be happy with Maleficent with what she has done (whether it be the fighting, the creepy stalking, or the whole deal with the curse).
  • Maleficent wants to defeat the king once and for all.

What are your thoughts on the Maleficent movie? Let me know in the comments below!



One thought on “My Concerns Upon Seeing all the Maleficent Trailers

  1. pavanneh

    I am not sure that it is so much they are going to justify her actions as demonstrate there is truly nothing black and white about a person and their motives. At least most of the time. I think there are people who are innately evil. There are two sides to the story. That is something I like about Once Upon A Time, the TV show. It showed that the Evil Queen could have been something/someone else entirely if she had not had her love ripped away from her. Even though it was all her mother’s fault, but she blamed Snow. It was easier. Does it justify her actions? No. I don’t think there is any way she can truly redeem herself after all that she has done.
    She also states she was betrayed by love. I think the King and she had a thing and he betrayed her. I am looking forward to the story.


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