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Ever since I have been in college there is one thing I have come to miss/hate. It is rare and surprising that even I have come to hate something that I loved doing all the time when I was in high school.

I miss/hate reading.

Those who know me really will be shocked and not totally surprised as I say this. I am a English and History major, which means my life is filled with reading and papers day after day. My typical homework life is usually filled with 3-4 books to read per night (not the whole book usually, just 5-6 chapters) along with a paper response or working on an essay or two.

I’m starting to wonder if I am a masochist.

As a result of all this reading I have to do on a daily basis, when I actually do have down time. The last thing I want to do is actually read. In my downtime I rather blog, watch TV, youtube videos, play Sims 3 on my computer; anything but read.

But I do miss it.

I miss reading what I want, when I want. I miss staying up late while reading a book and having to stay up late in order to find out what happens in the climax of the story. I miss being up to date on current books and trying out new stories. I just miss reading for fun.

I can’t wait for the day I am done with college and I can read for fun again. I have shelves full of books waiting for me to read them. They are starting to feel neglected.

Are you an English Major? History Major? Do you miss reading? Do you still read for fun? Let me know in the comments below?



11 thoughts on “I Miss Reading…for FUN!

  1. John Guillen

    I actually read more in college than any other time. I graduated in three years so I was always taking max course loads and I didn’t have a summer or winter break my last two years. But I still had so much more free time than I’d ever had.

  2. callumdownes

    I can totally relate. The other day I tried to read a Bernard Cornwell novel, and all the words sort of morphed into the compulsory readings I had done earlier for Uni. Sucks!

  3. femaleinferno

    When I went through Uni (Eng Lit major too) the first two year was spent reading a truck load of required text. But towards the end we got to choose some of our own books. Now I’m back to reading for pleasure & loving it! But those troublesome years of required reading… yes I desperately missed recreational reading

      1. femaleinferno

        In my second and third year for English Lit we had 80% required reading and 20% personal selection.

        For English Education (Ba Education) we were able to choose our own study projects from a selection of books – made it easy in not having to double up with a double major at times.

        Mind you, even though glimpsing at the required reading list, I was like ‘meh’ to about half of it; upon completing the year there were only two or three books I struggled through because I couldn’t relate and they were just so boring. Guess I have to count myself lucky I was exposed to great picks from the faculty!!

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