We Need to Be Better than the Westboro Baptist Church


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Once more the Westboro Baptist Church have made news. This time they were protesting in Moore, OK were March of last year a tornado ripped through the area, including a school were there were many students victims and once more students attend this very school. It is not the first time that the Westboro Baptist Church has come to the community of Moore, OK to protest.

Outside of the school in the designated area they picketed. The community of Moore heard about this and came out in counter protest. While I am all for a counter protest, having been to one myself, I am against violent/aggressive confrontations. Unfortunately things got a little heated at the counter protest.

The above video by A7Vegas on youtube.

I know that since I have personally not lost anyone and had the Westboro Baptist Church people will immediately leave comments saying




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You are right. I don’t fully understand. I can imagine. I can think of different scenarios, but I have not experienced pain/loss/tragedy and than have the Westboro Baptist Church show up on my doorstep telling me that the death of a loved one is being rejoiced by God. You are right. I don’t know.

But just because I can never fully understand/comprehend doesn’t mean I can’t recognize the fact that we should stoop down to their level, or stoop lower than the Westboro Baptist Church. We need to be better than them.

Going after them, trying to intimidate them. That is what they want. That is what they are expecting to get out of us.

I won’t lie, the more side of me that enjoys the idea of revenge got a little satisfaction when I saw the Westboro Baptist Church running away like river rats. As soon as I felt that way though, I immediately felt guilt. Even if they are the worst kind of people out there, they are still people. We, as people, shouldn’t act that way towards them. No matter how horrible they have been to us.

Quick question to those that live in Moore, Oklahoma and I would love this question to be answered. Is it true that a liquor store did a sale and or discount in celebration of Fred Phelps death?

While smart business and funny. At the same time though it is nice to celebrate anyones death, even if that person is Fred Phelps.

What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below!


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