We Need More Heroes in This World


In a world filled with terrible people- youtube gives hope with wonderful videos filled with cute babies and kittens…..

all in one picture

All in one picture too!

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Liked that intro? Was I the only one? Well, I liked it.

Away from cute baby with kitten.

A few days ago I spent the past hour or so watching youtube videos filled with acts of inspiration titled: Faith in Humanity, Faith restored, Inspirational, etc. All videos with people performing acts of goodness and the occasionally cat just looking cute.

We really do need heroes in this world. They do exist, but it is such a shame that all we hear about in the news, on reality shows, and on the internet in general are people doing bad and or crazy things. It is difficult to find news that is happy and inspiring, in a world were we hear so much wrong being done.

Watching these videos do give me a sense of faith in humanity. It is hard to hold onto that sense of faith for a few clicks away is a video of someone committing a crime, spouting hate, etc. I can immediately switch websites, end up on the news, and see once more that the world simply is filled with people that are lousy.

While there are everyday heroes, firefighters, police, EMTs, and those serving in the military. Sadly there are bad people there as well and sadly we hear about those bad people more than the good people. To the media, I beg of you…

“Please tell us more about good people!”

In the meantime, I hope the people of the internet will continue to share their stories filled with goodness and “faith in humanity restored” inducing feels.

What is your favorite good feel story that you have found on the internet? Let me know in the comments below!


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