My Theory on the Origin of Elsa’s Powers

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I was watching Frozen on DVD with a friend who had never sen it before and she actually asked some pretty good questions. The question basically was where do Elsa’s powers come from? After she mentioned that question I began to think. I began to think a lot and asking other questions and observations:

  1. Where do her powers come from?
  2. How old is that book in her fathers library that had information on the trolls?
  3. Why did he have said book in the first place?
  4. How did he know the book existed?
  5. Did he know that the trolls would be able to help or did he need the book to find out?
  6. Did he use the map that fell out of the book to find his way?
  7. He never picks up the map or is seen looking at it.
  8. If he didn’t look at it how did he know where to go?
  9. The king didn’t seem to taken aback by the trolls.
  10. If he has seen the trolls before when? And under what circumstance?
  11. How did the trolls know the king?
  12. The queen didn’t seem too surprised by the trolls either.
  13. How did her father know that the gloves would help?
  14. How can Elsa’s glove hold back her magic?
  15. Elsa’s gloves can hold back her magic, but everything else can’t. Not her shoes, her dress, nothing.
  16. Are her gloves magical?
  17. If they are magical who performed a spell on them? The trolls?
  18. The father said that being afraid and worried would only make things worse. How would he know that, unless he has had some experience with it.
  19. How long had that prison been there in the middle of the lake? Looks kind of old.
  20. That is really strange that that prison cell doesn’t have normal chains that just cover the wrists, but covers the whole hand.
  21. Who knew about the fact that the prison had a cell where the shackles covered the whole wrist?
  22. Were they the one that told Hans?
  23. If they did, I want to hear their story, they are probably old.Other random questions & thoughts
  24. When the servants would clean up after Elsa, wouldn’t they notice the random amounts of water and ice that were always around? After all we see her touching objects with her bare hands at times they immediately were covered with ice.
  25. If they were forbidden to clean up after Elsa didn’t they suspect anything? After all the palace had been locked up for a long time, since they were ages 3 &4.
  26. How can you keep a secret in the castle a secret that long? If we have learned anything from is that servants gossip.
  27. What about Elsa’s dress measurements? I know this sounds far fetched and out there since her powers can go through anything save her gloves how was she measured for her coronation dress? Coronation Day is a huge day for a monarch, they want to look their best.

After I started coming up with these questions, I immediately began come up with theories. I was excited. I believe her powers come from her fathers side. The reason why I believe this is because her father seemed more informed on Elsa’s powers than the mother did. We see the father knowing/having an idea as to what to do when Elsa accidentally strikes Anna in the head. The Father is the first one to run to a bookcase containing an old book that just happens to be in the family library with a map that could lead to the trolls that we see dropped to the floor that the father doesn’t even bother to look at before racing off. Not to mention that once the father gets there, the trolls recognize him, and say, “It’s the King.” That means the trolls have seen him before.

While I wouldn’t be surprised if Elsa’s powers showed up early on when she was a toddler, maybe even a baby, I believe they may have known the king far before that. I believe they have met the King numerous times, before he was King. After all he is the King of Arendelle.

If we are to go with traditional ways that a monarchy works a prince usually marries a princess. That princess will probably come to his land, his castle and once the father of her husband dies, they become King and Queen. With this assumption and the fact he knew this book existed in the library.

Her gloves can shield her magic, but the rest of her, shoes, dress cannot. I mean when she is wearing her famous blue dress we see her ice powers come from her chest which accidentally hits Anna as a result.


If you look closely you can see that her powers are coming from the center of her chest, her heart.

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Here you can see the powers clearly go through her shoes.

She can use her hands to use her powers once the gloves are off.

How can her gloves keep her powers at bay?I believe they are magical. We saw her father give them for her. He tells them thy shoud help. How would he know? Also where did he get them from? Part of me thinks he went back to the trolls to be the gloves, the other part of me believes they already existed within the family.

Even though throughout the movie there has been no indication as to either parent having special powers. T the father has more of an idea what to do with Elsa’s powers than the mother. Also to back track let us we consider the theory that Elsa and Anna’s mom is related to the father of Rpunzel (I prefer this theory over the other one because of these few infographs.)


Queen of Corona, Queen of Arendelle, King of Corona.

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For if the power come from Elsa an Anna’s mother it is possible powers would have probably shown up in Rapunzel. Remember Rapunzels healing powers came because her mother drank tea infused with the flower with that special power. (All I keep thinking now is flower power….) I wonder if King of Arendelle’s mother. If not the mother, than perhaps he had two sisters, one of them being Rapunzel’s mom and the other well something a little more tragic would have happened to her.

When it comes to which of his family members could have the ability I am torn. Part of me believes it could be just the mother. Another part of me believes it was both mother and a sister(who is no longer living). While another part of me thinks that it was just a sister. We forget that in royal families it was common to have a few children (not as many as those in the lower class) to create alliances.


If it was the mother (of the King of Arendelle) I like to go with the idea of the original story of The Snow Queen, that actually inspired this movie. The Snow Queen that we know from the original Hans Christian Anderson story, well if the mother just happened to have abilities, (and we know how tales and stories become exaggerated with each telling), I believe the story would be based off her, and not Elsa (yes I know they originally intended Elsa to be the villain from the beginning). It would be a little different, but before I continue let us go back to the beginning of Frozen. Remember the scene in the beginning as they have arrived in the area where all the trolls lived. When grandfather troll asks how did Elsa get the powers, “Born with the powers or cursed?” The King says “born and getting stronger.” Right here we can safely say that he has not brought Elsa to the trolls before now, but the fact he knew they could help is important. It is important to note that he doesn’t see Elsa’s powers as a curse. I like to think she was able to keep the powers a secret from the rest of the world and knew how to control them, as a result, the King learned from listening to her.

If there was more than one member in his family that had abilities I believe that it was the mother and maybe another sister. While I do know that him having another sister comes out of nowhere and I have no proof that he did have another sister. Let us assume that the mother had powers and could control them and one of her daughters too had powers. However the missing sister had a hard time controlling her powers. At first she was at ease with them, but as she got older she became afraid of them. She was scared of what she could do. I think eventually at one point, like Elsa accidentally struck Anna in the heart, this unknown mysterious sister struck either her mother, her father, or both of them. And we all known what happens when someone is struck in the heart.

I think as a result of one or both parents being struck by ice, one or both died. With this happening, there was only one thing that could be done. The sister was locked up, in the same cell where Elsa was locked up- covering her hands to prevent her powers from going out of control.

What happened to the sister, I couldn’t tell you. She could have been exiled into the mountains inspiring the very story of The Snow Queen. Or it could have taken a darker turn….you can imagine. This could have happened while the other sister

Even if the mother didn’t have ice powers, the theory with the mysterious sister could still be applicable. The father knew that worry and fear would only make it more difficult to control her powers. Being sacred of her own powers would only make things worse. He knew about that.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that book in the library was part of the research to try to help the sister out. Those gloves could have either belonged to the sister, the mother, or both (at one point).

Either way though, this incident would have had a lasting impact on both the future King of Arendelle and the future Queen of Corona. The King will be forever concerned over what could happen and he tries to prevent things from spiraling out of control. While the future Queen will feel loss the her child more strongly than normal, because she has no mother (and or father) there with her to show her support. This causing the brother (now King of Arendelle) to visit his sister whenever he can, causing little Anna and Elsa to feel the strength of isolation even more. Eventually visiting them once it is learned the Rapunzel has returned and is getting married. This causes them to go on a journey across the sea, only to die in the storm. Which in turn encourages Rapunzel and Eugene to visit Elsa and Anna for Elsa’s birthday and Coronation Day.

That is my theory. What are your thoughts on the matter?

Update as of (5/15/2014) A Reader asked me a question in regards to this post- check out my response here!


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55 thoughts on “My Theory on the Origin of Elsa’s Powers

  1. Niels Quaade Jensen

    The gloves keep her magic back because Elsa thinks they keep it back. It’s a psychosomatic compulsion, it’s also the reason the iron gloves works when Elsa is imprisoned near the end. Because she thinks they do.

    Elsa is a symbol for chronic fear and anxiety, it’s common for people who suffer from those two to have certain rituals or compulsions that somehow makes everything better. “I wont be afraid if I cross my heart twice.” “I have to turn off the water immidiatly or someone will drown.”

    To the observer these often makes little to no sense and seem ridiculous, just like a simple piece of cloth keeping back godlike elemental powers. To the sufferers of these horrible diseases they are some of the most important things in the world and keeps them somewhat sane in their insanity.

    Also, her gloves changes size and colour as well. She gets white gloves early in the movie during DYWBASN and on the coronation day, they are teal and with a noticable different design. So they are different gloves, which puts holes in your hypothesis. Unless the king had a storage of magic gloves for all sizes, shapes and occassions.

    1. atmyrenaissance Post author

      Yes I know that it is a symbol for chronic anxiety, for that is the reason why I have connected to this movie. I have lived with it for over 12 years along with depression. There are others that connect to because they are introverts. There are those that connect to it because they have dealt with loneliness, isolation, etc. And the LBGTQ community identify with it because it is letting go and being who they really are without fear. This movie can be interpreted many ways. The characters could be a symbol for many things.

      I do understand the symbolism, analogies,etc. That is not the focus of this post. This is a theory focusing on the magical and fun aspect of this movie. The Origins of her Powers.

      As for her gloves I knew they change, I knew this to be obvious, so I didn’t think it was necessary to include that in the post. I guess I should have.

      #1.) If we are going to go with the theory that either mother, sister, or both had magical abilities there is a possibility they could have had gloves as well. Resulting in a variety of gloves

      #2.) This could explain why even after the King dies Elsa still has enough pairs.

      #3.) We don’t know how often she changed her gloves out. She could have worn the same color all the time till she outgrew them

      #4.) If neither mother nor sister had these abilities it isn’t far fetch that the King was able to obtain different pairs of magical gloves for his daughter. He has the funds (he is a king) and there are magical trolls nearby.

      #5) The father could have given her different magical gloves over time (before his death) and he probably had lots of backups. He wanted to help his daughter, I don’t think he would have spared the expense and taken a chance of something happening to the gloves and her being without them.

      #6.) Magic exists in this world so to discount magical gloves would be an error.

      #7.) If we want to go really crazy the magical gloves could have grown with her- but I don’t like that one personally.

      #8.) The King would have wanted Elsa to have access to these gloves in case something happened. He would have lots of backups available.

      I do understand that there is symbolism in this story. This post however was focusing more on the fun magical aspect of the movie Frozen. Not a psycho analysis.

      1. Isabella Maria Smith

        I have a theory of my own. My theory is that Anna and Rapunzel are sisters. Because, first, Rapunzel’s natural hair color is NOT blonde, it is dark brown, the hair color of King Tangled. And Anna’s is strawberry blonde, the hair color of Queen Tangled. Rapunzel’s blonde is just a effect of the magic flower Queen Tangled consumed.
        The king and queen never know that Rapunzel had powers, so they thought that a mad criminal was kidnapping babies all around. Baby no 1, Rapunzel was already lost. Baby no 2, Anna, was sent to Arendelle for her safety.

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  3. Remy

    Why do people have to create conspiracies for everything? IT’S a movie, geez; this is what happens when people have too much time on their hands!

    1. myrenaissance Post author

      Well…technically it isn’t a conspiracy. It is more of a theory….here are some definitions to help refresh your memory.

      Definitions for Conspiracy—
      1. the act of conspiring. evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.
      3.a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose: He joined the conspiracy to overthrow the government.
      4. according to the Law. an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.
      5.any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result.

      Definitions for Theory–
      1. an idea or set of ideas that is intended to explain facts or events
      2. an idea that is suggested or presented as possibly true but that is not known or proven to be true
      3.the general principles or ideas that relate to a particular subject
      4. a : a belief, policy, or procedure proposed or followed as the basis of action
      b : an ideal or hypothetical set of facts, principles, or circumstances

      As for me having too much time on my hands…actually I have been quite busy with going to school full time, running this blog, having a part time job, and working on some other projects. 😀

      I thought of this because as a writer and reader I am curious as to how, what, when, where, and why? All important questions for writing and constructive thinking for the everyday person.

  4. Slippery Dolphin

    I like it but the idea of another sister to the king seems far fetched. If we are going into the theory that Elsa, Anna, and Rapunzel are related, then I think the king might have known about the magic golden flower, his sister becoming pregnant and becoming sick, then using the golden flower to heal her. I’m sure he would have learned his niece was captured because of her powers and he might have thought the same thing for his daughter, Elsa, which is how he new about the magic and how he knew where to look. Also, I don’t think the Stabbington brothers would be related to Hans, because he’s royal, and I doubt they would ruin their royal reputation even more by becoming thieves.

    1. myrenaissance Post author

      The whole theory of the rapunzel being related as well as the stabbington brothers isn’t a theory I came up with, it just happened to fit nicely (a little bit) into my theory.

      I didn’t think about the fact he would be worried about her being kidnapped as a result of her powers, but I do like that and it brings more depth to the story itself. I like it.

      I would have to disagree though in regards to the Stabbngton Brothers wouldn’t want to ruin their royal reputation (if we were to go with the theory they are of royal heritage). Just because they are royal, doesn’t mean they are good or have good intentions.

      If they were related to Hans they would have 10 other brothers, meaning the likelihood of them having a throne would be small, since they would not be seen as desirable for marriage. Kings would want their daughters to marry the 1st born, the one who will inherit the throne. The other brothers would have to go on a hunt around the world to try to find a princess who would be in line for the throne so they can inherit the kingdom. (1) That is a difficult task since not all kingdoms were like Arendelle, usually thrones went from Father to eldest Son, not Father to the eldest child. Narrowing the field of potential princesses who would just happen to inherit the throne. (2) Let us not forget that the marriage has to be approved by the King & or Queen of the Kingdom, it may not be approved. (3) And with 11 other brothers (the eldest not having to look, since his position is secure)the likelihood of of all 11 brother succeeding in this task is slim.

      This would result in them abandoning their position and finding a way to make their fortune or make a name for themselves. This is not uncommon for non first born royal and noble children. (Example, sometime noble children in the time period would actually usually become clerics, but that is another can of worms entirely).

      Also Hans actions show that while appearance mattes, the actions of the royals aren’t always honorable. No doubt he has other brothers who are really rotten to the core.

  5. Tangled/Frozen Timelines

    Tangled takes place in the 1700s and Frozne takes place in the 1840s, no? I recall the creators mentioning these two things; I don’t know about everything else, but Rapunzel and Eugene wouldn’t have been the ages they appeared as in their cameos if there was a real universe connection. The Stabbington Brothers being related to Hans is also a stretch; honestly, they don’t look alike in the slightest, not even with their hair-colors and jawlines.

    I don’t believe the creators were making this the case when Frozen was in the workshop. I think it’s fun for a fanfiction, but I don’t picture any of it being the case in real canon.

    Also I did read somewhere that the trolls gave Elsa’s father the gloves; thus they indeed had magic in them to help bind Elsa’s powers.

    1. myrenaissance Post author

      Although the the clothing may have been from different time periods it is never officially established.

      Where did you read this about Elsa’s powers? I would like to see this link.

  6. omega4

    Elsa’s parents were well-meaning but counter-productive to their daughter’s welfare and well-being (like most parents in some respect or other). What her parents should have done was nurtured her daughter’s unique talents, not try to hide and suppress them.

    It’s a shame that Charles Xavier and his School for the Gifted/Talented (aka mutants) wasn’t available for Elsa to attend. Now, that’s a place where Elsa would have really flourished and grown in all aspects as a child.

    1. myrenaissance Post author

      The father did say fear only makes it worse.

      They did have good intentions. Also it seems that even though they tried to protect anna, I think Elsa almost put herself into a state of self exile from everyone. She hardly left her room.

      1. omega4

        You made some great points. I think despite their good intentions, Elsa’s parents strategy of isolating Elsa from everyone, including her sister (who was probably her best friend), only served to worsen the situation.

        While Elsa did continue her parent’s strategy of isolation by not leaving her room, it was her parents that set her on the path of isolation to begin with (“We’ll close the gates, reduce the staff, give Elsa her own bedroom, etc.”). Imagine how much better Elsa would have been if her parents encouraged her to display her unique talents, not suppress them (“the gloves will hide it; conceal it, don’t feel it, etc.”).

        In the real world, I think most parents are well-meaning, yet misguided in their courses of action. There’s truth to the saying that “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions…”.

  7. Kene Ifezue

    I have a question. So, does this mean Tangled, Frozen, Tarzan, and The Little Mermaid share continuity? Because in the original Tarzan books, Tarzan’s parents were royalty. Not necessarily of Arendelle, but you get the point. The ship Ariel saw could be the one the King and Queen of Arendelle were on. And of course, Elsa and Anna could very well be related to Rapunzel.

    1. myrenaissance Post author

      I didn’t think about the Tarzan angle. Although I would think the ship crashed around Africa. Others who came up with those theories (I didn’t come up with the theories in the big images, I just posted them because they went along with my theory very well.

      The shipwrecks in The Little Mermaid (according to many Disney theorists/enthusiasts) around Denmark I believe.

      Although to throw out an idea… there was the storm that Ursula caused at one point near the end of the movie where she had control of the Seven Seas, so it is possible there.

  8. rachel

    I have never participated in any kind of blog, or replied to postings that I have read.. which aren’t very many. Honestly, I just don’t have much time for the world wide web. This story and the idea of hidden messages in writings is something that I am just beginning to explore; and I have to quote something I read on another site as the reason for my new found interest. I think it was on a site about C.S. Lewis and the Chronicles of Narnia… I am no longer choosing to be “oblivious to the obvious” in my own life and so I feel that creative and fictional writers are my educators when it comes to seeing what is and not what I want to see.
    I loved reading your theory, it was fun and imaginative. Likely, that is the goal of writers and creators of tales like these, in addition to the moral messages. The movie has fascinated me like no other Disney film, and I will be looking forward to the books and sequel.
    Here is my question, which is based on something I realized today when my nephew and I were listening to the soundtrack (the track was for the first time in forever, I think).
    Why does Elsa say,”I can’t control the curse”?
    The father said that she was born with her powers vs. cursed.
    Maybe the father was not telling the truth when he met the trolls?
    Isolation and the idea that Elsa was taught “conceal don’t feel” leads me to wonder whether some sort of family secret may be involved in the mystery.

    1. Truther

      In Elsa’s self-delusion state of mind, she thought she was “cursed” by having her powers of cryo-kinesis.

      To be fair to Elsa, what teenager/young adult doesn’t think that he/she isn’t cursed by some aspect of their lives?

    2. myrenaissance Post author

      Elsa would have believed it to be a curse because she has the powers to manipulate ice and snow it has separated her from everyone and everything she loves. Her powers almost killed her sister, she learns she could be hated for her powers, and she lives in fear of harming others.

      Her parents since they insisted on hiding Elsa’s powers to protect her, even though it was a bad idea, still had good intentions behind it. As a result they isolated her from her sister and the world. Good intentions, bad consequences- most definitely.

      Her father said “Conceal it. Don’t feel it.” He wasn’t referring to her emotions, he was referring to her powers. He wanted her to learn to not let her powers have control over her. Her being a child though, like all children, misconstrued what her father meant, thinking that he meant that she must conceal her emotions and that she can’t feel. Since for her her powers and her emotions are somewhat connected that is how she interpreted.

      All in a span of 24 hours she almost killed her sister, learned that people would come to fear and hate her because of her powers, she has been separated from her sister forever and learns that she must control her emotions and her powers otherwise she could kill others. For her these powers would have been a curse, it changed her life forever.

      In the beginning when the King and family were visiting the trolls, the head troll asked if she was born or cursed. The father said that she was born with the powers. He could have been telling the truth and I honestly think he was. I don’t doubt that there is a family secret or that she isn’t the first in the family to have these abilities.

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  10. ztlah

    I believe the gloves had nothing to do with her powers being in control. It’s merely a psychological thing. Her father could she she was panicking and needed a way to calm her down in a way he couldn’t do himself.

    Every time she uses her powers it’s always an exact mirror of her feelings which is why the gloves helped. If she feels no fear because the gloves are on, then there’s no storm. Notice how as kids she had complete control over her powers right up until the accident and then she lost it only because she was upset. Even after that I feel she would have been fine with her powers if the troll hadn’t mentioned the fear thing. As of that point she is unable to let go of the fear surrounding her powers. Ironically it was the internal fear that was the enemy, not the external fear (sure people were afraid, but that was only because of Elsas fear which caused the inability to be in control of her powers)

    This and the fact the dad saw her growing up with her powers is probably why he knows the panicking sets it off. He would have spent very little time with Anna and instead spent as much time as possible helping Elsa control her powers. It wouldn’t have taken more then a few days or maybe a week to figure out what sets it off if she’s always freaking out if they spent a lot of time working with Elsa. Just not how to get it under control.

    We do see two instances when it’s possible the gloves didn’t control the powers. When she tells the parents not to touch her she’s wearing her gloves. It’s possible she put them on after the powers got out of control, but it’s also possible they were already on. The other time is when the parents die, she had no reason to take her gloves off and they were still on during the entire scene when Anna is on the other side of the door in black clothes.

    You’ll probably ask now why she’d think the gloves do anything if they don’t always prevent the powers. I’m thinking she noticed a difference in the amount of times her powers went out of control with and without the gloves even if it was only psychological.

    She must have made some connection between her emotions and powers as she was the one to say “don’t feel it” and not the dad. Too bad she didn’t realise there was no need to repress her emotions, but just to do exactly what she was doing before the accident but not use her powers around Anna. If she hadn’t mixed up control with suppressing then there wouldn’t be any problems.

  11. Alissa

    Something you said made me think: what is Rapunzel had the same powers as Elsa (in utero) and that’s what was making the Queen of corona so sick? But the drop of sunlight could have thawed the ice? I haven’t explored it past my thought just now (where Rapunzel would have gotten it, the sun being able to change the curse and not an act of true love, etc) Just made me think

    1. myrenaissance Post author

      That is an interesting thought. I hadn’t thought of that. I like that, keep working on it and if you think up more let me know. Would love to hear it.

  12. Yannie

    or maybe elsa’s mom is jack frost’s sister. i mean just compare their pictures, they kinda look the same, elsa was born in honor of jack. (or so i’ve been told)

  13. princessrainaa

    Also to add on to the idea of there being a “snow queen” in the past, the ice harvesters sing about the frozen heart && it is to be feared. Why would they be so scared of the winter unless they’ve heard about experiences from the past.

  14. jaydiarae

    A lot of the questions mentioned on this theorem were answered when the sisters visited Storybrook (“Once Upon A Time”, ABC). Should we choose to accept the series as an extension to the storyline.

  15. bagnefamily

    I normally dont comment either, but I too enjoyed the read and the theory! I just found your blog via pinterest and happy that I did. I hope you got around to seeing Once Upon A Time. They did a great job of the story and explaining a lot of the different characters in the movie, just as jaydairae says above. This was to much fun! Thank you! 🙂

  16. Kaila Hopkins

    I was jumping around on the internet looking for inspiration for an ice-powered character I was creating when I found this. This was a very entertaining exercise of my mind. Thank you for creating this. Don’t let anyone discourage you. Posts like this inspire others to create other things. Could you imagine if the creators of Frozen where never inspired by The Snow Queen? I wonder what inspired Hans Christian Andersen? You helped to inspire me, I wonder who I will inspire. Perhaps the next creator of a Disney movie?

  17. Silvia

    I don’t think this is true, but , in the tv series “Once Upon A Time” (season 4) ,elsa’s mother had 2 sisters, and 1 of them had powers just like Elsa’s, so she accidently stroke the other sister and she froze and then broke,and Elsa’s mom saw and she trapped her in a magic bottle. So according to “Once Upon A Time” , Elsa’s powers come from her mother’s side.
    But I find your theory very interesting.

    1. myrenaissance Post author

      Maybe, still there are lots of things that happen on Once Upon a time that don’t happen in original disney fairy tales, like Rumplstilskin is referenced as The beast (to belle) and as a crocodile (to hook) first season and second season. Peter Pan is Rumple’s father who became young again. Mulan and Sleeping Beauty intereact. Things that just don’t happen in the disney movies itself. Yes I know Once Upon A Time is by Disney, but at the same time though its just become a watered down soap opera with fantasy and magic thrown into the mix.

      I am sticking to Disney animated movies. Not Once Upon A Time. That in itself has become a sad mess. I used to love the series, after a while it just became ridiculous, as though they didn’t have an ending in mind for the series.

  18. Hailey Peay

    I think this theory makes a lot of sense but I like to think that Rapunzel and Elsa are twins. They both have healing powers, Rapunzel sings and Elsa unfroze Anna. They both get the blonde hair from the flower. Elsa’s hair doesn’t really match her mothers or fathers hair color, although it could be effect from the cold. I got some of this theory from the Film Theorists video about Elsa and Rapunzel being twins. A lot of the information in your theory supports my theory so, it could be both. Good job though! I really enjoyed reading your theory about Elsa.

  19. Thant Yati Hsu

    In my opinion, well I think, people have been shipping Elsa with Jack Frost, but couldn’t they have come from him, by accidently cursing or blessing, and the royal families kept that as a secret for years until finally Elsa was the one to get powers as a result?


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