A Roller Coaster Week.

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Ever had one of those weeks that feel like you are on rollar coaster ride every single day? This past week has been crazy.

Between going to my therapy session, dealing with haters on reddit, getting compliments from others, crying, got a C on an exam (all because of a technicality, I had misread the question. Sigh. Otherwise I would have gotten an A-. His words), had two pop quizzes, accidentally missed a class because I slept through an alarm, my mother got into a car accident after dropping me off at the dorm and the driver that was the cause of the accident drove off, our ceiling got fixed in our house, we have to get a new car now because the jerk of a driver (college student), there are so many paper deadlines coming up, etc.

So much has happened this past week. I hope this week goes a lot better and a lot more smoothly.

I hope your week goes well.


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