Why I Think Mary Poppins is Julie Andrews Greatest Film


You read that right. I believe that Mary Poppins is Julie Andrews greatest film. Not The sound of  Music, not Victor Victoria. Mary Poppins.

I know what you are already thinking. Are you crazy? But the music in The Sound of Music is so much better, story is so much better, etc.

Here is The Main Reason Behind it.

I have grown up watching many Julie Andrews movies. If you had asked me when I was younger to list all of the Julie Andrews movies I had seen and heard of I would have listed all but Mary Poppins. You might be confused and even argue ‘yeah that is why it is not her greatest movie.’

Hold on, I’m not finished yet.


An actor/actress (whatever term you want to use) purpose is to tell a story and portray a character that is not their own. Everytime I have watched Mary Poppins I don’t see Julie Andrews playing Mary Poppins. I see Mary Poppins and I always have to remind myself that Mary Poppins just happens to be played by Julie Andrews. I don’t think of the actor/actress first. I’m thinking of the character. I can’t tell you a movie that makes me think of the character  of the story first and not the actor.


To me she has accomplished what many in the Hollywood business wish they could. Become another character so well that I forget that is only an actor and not a real human being. I have watched so many of her movies and so many movies in general (I am very behind on my movie review posts and my book review posts too, that’s another story) that I can safely say that I had never seen an actor do that before (and I love watching old movies, silent films, etc.).


If there are other movies where you think an actor/actress has accomplished this, let me know in the comments below. I love feedback.


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