The Purpose of Blogging


I started blogging a few years ago on blogger and I started blogging for the fun of it. I wanted to have an outlet where I can get rid of allof my thoughts that tend to flow around my head so that way I can focus on my schoolwork and my creatuve writing, which I will not publish on this blog or any blog because I am paranoid and I don’t want anyone to steal my creative writing ideas.

I switched over to wordpress after two years because still had very little followers and because I didn’t like bloggers format anymore. I have only been on wordpress since September 2014 and I already have 61 followers. I also couldn’t tell if my articles that I posted on blogger were being read or if I was simply wasting my time writing for no one but myself. While I love writing for myself and I don’t seek to have a huge following, I would like to at least know someone is reading and looking at my blog occasionally.  I can’t tell you how excited I get when someone comments on my blog.

Now however it seems like everyone is blogging nowadays. Whether they are starting a beauty blog, fashion blog, health blog, fitness blog, etc. It seems every blog has to be specialized. In order to cater to a certain audience. For many people they seem to do it so that way they can advance and become famous in their field. While I have had the desire to become famous at times, for me that is not my main objective of this blog.

One of the issues I have with specialized blogs is that it usually is really constricted. I don’t like being constricted. At one point I even wrestled with the idea of having a specialized blog so I could reach more readers. After much debate I realized I couldn’t do it, I am fascinated and interested in pretty much everything. I couldn’t just talk about fashion and beauty all the time, especially when I find current events so interesting and I like to discuss my personal political and religious views occasionally. While I want to get in better shape and eat a healthier diet, that is not my number one purpose in life. I still like junk food. I went through a whole list of ideas and I realized I would not be true to myself if I did that.

There is nothing wrong with having a blog that specializes in a certain aspect of life. It is just that from the many different articles I have read about blogging that seems to be the only way to be a successful blogger.  Which I have to disagree with.

And I have read many different articles about blogging. How to make money with blogging? How to get more readers? How to get more followers? How to make it big as a blogger? How to grow your business with blogging? The List goes on.

Usually I get the same advice:

  • Be specific about what your blog is about.
  • Be constant about posting articles.
  • Have Facebook Pages, Twitter Page, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. to grow your blog and to help gain new followers.
  • Communicate with other bloggers in your area of specialization.
  • Talk about current events within your topic.

The list goes on and while I have followed some of that advice, I have realized something. Having a blog that focuses on one aspect is not for me.

For me the whole purpose of blogging is to get all of my random thoughts, opinions, and ideas out of my system so I can focus on daily tasks. It really sucks when you have so many thoughts running around your head that you can’t focus on anything that is going on. This is a personal blog, a blog that reflects me as an individual. If I don’t gain a lot of followers or have as many readers as a result, well I can live with that. At least I am being true to myself.

What are your thoughts on blogging? Why do you blog? How often do you post on your blog? Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “The Purpose of Blogging

  1. Shannon A Thompson

    I’m reading your blog! I think you have great advice, and I think it’s great that you are just yourself instead of doing what everyone says needs to be done in order to blog. Personally, I blog only about writing, reading, and my author life, but that’s my passion, so I definitely didn’t force a singular audience. (And I still make exceptions in which I blog about something outside my usual range. For instance, a follower asked me to blog about “My Home Away From Home” and I loved the idea, so I did it.) I love my blog. I started in September of 2012, and it changed my life. Probably one of the main reasons I got published again as well as hired at my job. Now I get to meet people who love the same things that I do – like fellow bloggers 😀
    Keep it up! I think your posts are great.

  2. Whimsical Youngster

    Thank you so much for writing this! You’ve given me the assurance I need. I too have considered making a specialized blog, but I realized that I wanted to be personal. I want my blog to be like my personal journal, although I of course only write things I’m comfortable about. I want to express myself, I want people to know my thoughts. And that is why I blog.
    I had been feeling a bit doubtful of how good my blog is, because it is random. It’s a journal, and journals tend to be random. However, you’ve shown that there is nothing wrong with personal blogs, and that we can simply blog for our enjoyment.

    I have a personal blog and it’s at . Feel free to visit if you want! 🙂


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