I Enjoy Conspiracy Theories


As someone who loves history, writing, and stories for me I enjoy conspiracy theories.

I always loved the “what if” scenarios. After all life is so much more complicated and some theories have turned out to be right before, which makes them all the more exciting.

I haw heard so many conspiracy theories about events that happened in my lifetime from all the deaths of those that have worked under bill Clinton to the 9/11 conspiracy (this is the hardest for me to deal with) to the current conspiracies involving Ukraine, and all the other countries that are protesting their government.

Do I believe in every single conspiracy that is out there? No. Do I believe some of these theories could be possible? Yes. Are some of these conspiracies really out there? Yes.

When I began watching the news and following politics my mother and father always told me that their were multiple sides to every story. Naturally for me conspiracy theories are just another side to the story.

Between what my parents have taught me, me being a skeptic in general, and having read/watched the news all my life it’s no surprise that I enjoy conspiracy theories. I also love stories and  I am an English major so that just adds to it.

Do you know more people believe in conspiracy theories than don’t believed JFK.

What do you think of conspiracy theories? Are there any you believe in?


One thought on “I Enjoy Conspiracy Theories

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