A Confession: I have only been on Reddit for only 24 hours and Already I Am Having Anxiety Issues


I joined reddit simply because I was curious about it. I began sharing links from my blog post and other links into the appropriate places on reddit and well…

There have been a lot of hostile comments already, people misunderstanding what I am writing, and people just being hostile. (And Surprisingly it has comes from some in the Christian community, the people in the Hobbit community seem very nice and not as hostile so far….thank you.) I know I am not perfect and I am up for an intelligent discussion, but it can be hard to interpret the tone (at least for me) of what I am reading, especially over the internet. I don’t like angry confrontations, I don’t like arguments (I think there is a fine line between an argument and a debate).

Why do I not like arguments? To me they make me recall yelling, people fighting, nothing getting resolved. During arguments people are angry and hostile. They don’t seek to have a discussion, they seek to be right.

I know that going into this that there would be people that were mean for the sake of being mean. That people feel safer behind a computer screen and are more honest and nasty as a result. I know that people will have different opinions. I was just surprised/thrown off by the sudden hostility I felt.

I only have been taking medication for a few months and I am still learning different ways to deal with anxiety. I know there is the “F you” mentality I can take, but I wish I could have tips and tricks so I can deal with these kind of situations in the meantime. I know I shouldn’t let it bother me, that I won’t see these people, that they won’t affect my daily life.

I can handle mean/hostile people in person, but over the internet is a different story.

Would love to hear your thoughts?


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