Where is Flight MH370?


It has been 2 weeks since Flight MH370 went missing. The Boeing 777 has yet to be found. In a era filled with technology that gives us personal GPS, the NSA is able to track our emails and phone calls and yet they can’t find a Boeing 777.

There have been so many theories that were discounted by experts at first, but than were considered after not finding it, one of the theories being that the plane continued to fly after it went off radar and landed somewhere. You can imagine my irritation when the very people that had disregarded this theory took it into account later on.

How many Theories have cropped up so far by the population and or Newscasters?

Here is a list:

  1. Terrorism. The plane was hijacked and there are many theories just the reason for why it was hijacked and who hijacked it.
  2. The Plane Crashed. There are many theories as to where it crashed. But whether it is on land or sea it still has not been found.
  3. It Blew up in Flight. The plane literally exploded while in flight and as a result all the debris is scattered and it would take a while to find it.
  4. A Black Hole. I wish I was kidding. CNN stated this. All I can say is that yes a Black hole only sucked a tiny plane, while leaving Earth alone because it is discriminating when it comes to who is sucks. (please note this is said in jest).
  5. Aliens. As you can imagine conspiracy theorist are having a field day with the disappearance of this plane. So of course one of the theories is Aliens. At this point the conspiracy theorists know just as much as the government.
  6. Lithium Ion Batteries. While possible they seem to be grasping at straws with this one, however I am no expert when it comes to lithium ion batteries,
  7. It is a government scheme. Whether it is an experiment to see if a plane can go off the radar or they had contact with aliens and they don’t want us to know about it. There is even a theory
  8. The Pilot is responsible. He was found with a flight simulator in his home according to the news and that he had apparently been practicing at flying at low enough altitudes where it could be undetectable by radar. 
  9. A Mega Shark bit the plane in half.  Have you seen Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus? The Government didn’t tell the people what was going on, they kept it secret.

With all these theories going around and it has been two weeks since I have had a few thoughts on the matter. We seem to be no closer to finding this plane now than we were two weeks ago when the plane first went missing. All we seem to be getting are theories and speculation. Nothing concrete has been given when it comes to what happened to the plane.

As a result I have a few thoughts about all the governments involved:

  1. The Government knows what really is going on and they aren’t telling us. For what reason. Who knows? I’ll leave that to conspiracy theorists to tell you. I am no expert conspiracy theorists. I just read those sites for fun.
  2. The Government is as incompetent as we think they are and they don’t know whats going on?
  3. The Government is so incompetent they didn’t know this was planned and now know what caused the disappearance, but they really don’t know where it is, and to not seem incompetent aren’t telling us anything groundbreaking.

Also news about the plane keeps changing. First we hear that it goes off radar and nothing is seen or heard from the plane. Than later on it is stated that apparently the plane still gave off pings after it went off radar (I won’t lie I don’t fully understand this part because when i think of radar, I thought that it would bounce off an object and show up on screens. Whenever I think of pinging I think of sonar radar in underwater submarines.) The plane could be found in this part of the ocean. Later on it is in another part of the ocean. Than newscasters tell use that it could have landed in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands where there are native tribes that are hostile to outsiders (as soon as I heard this was Lost series comes to life).

What I will say is the most tragic part of this whole thing is not that the plane is missing. The families and friends of those on the plane are suffering the most right now. They don’t know where their moms, dads, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, friends, etc. are? They aren’t receiving any answers, just speculation. They were being kept in a hotel room, told to not go anywhere and wait for news of their loved ones. Than they are told to return home and be prepared for the worst, how nice of them (I know it is understandable still though I think the families have already been expecting the worst).

I just hope for the sake of the families and friends that are affected by this will get answers soon.


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