Why I am Not Rejoicing Over Fred Phelps Death


When I checked my twitter account and saw the news the Fred Phelps died today. I didn’t feel joy nor did I feel sadness. I felt- apathetic.

I have seen many people in one extreme or the other. Laughing it up that Fred Phelps will no doubt have a rude awakening when he discovers he is in hell. While others are more forgiving, hoping the man realized in his last moments on earth that he was wrong and or that God would have mercy on this hateful man.

Me, I don’t care what happens to him either way. I am just glad that one less presence of hatred exists in this world.

Even though I can’t laugh at him, I also have a hard time for feeling bad for him. I do feel bad for him, slightly. Only slightly though.

Here is my reasoning…

That man had been filled with hate for so long, he felt the need to spread that hate and use religion as an excuse for that hate.  Hate is the absence of Love and obviously this man was not filled with love and he did not feel loved by others (even way before he spread his message of hate- hate like this doesn’t take a day to build up, it takes years of holding it in and resentment). While that is no excuse for his actions, it does bring an emotion of pity. It is such a pity that whatever happened or didn’t happen to him caused him to have so much hatred in his heart that he had to spread it to the rest of the world.

Whether he was taught to hate or he learned to hate others over time, I couldn’t tell you. I don’t know his life. I haven’t read about his life and I don’t really care to do that.

As a result I don’t think we should picket his funeral. Yes I know he instructed and inspired others to picket funerals whether they were soliders, children, etc who had died. I don’t think we should go picket (even though the immature part of me really wants to). I think we all should just leave the man and his sad, small community alone. For it is a community filled with hate and that is something to be pitied.

Should we defend ourselves against hatred? Yes! Should we stand up for ourselves and others for when their hatred is causing harm? Of course! Should we go and antagonize people that are in mourning? No, for we will be stooping down to their level and we all should act be better than that.

Let us not rejoice over this death. Let us just acknowledge it and move on.


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