Sommo Publishing: Please Make More Music Videos!

soomo800A week ago in my American Revolution class since my professor had finished the lecture early she showed us this really cool video on youtube. I was curious and hoped it was good.

It was amazing. I loved it.

And a week later after she showed this amazing video to the class I came across on youtube another video. My Bad Romance: Women’s Suffrage. I didn’t realize at first it was the same group that did the first video.  My first impression when coming across this video was that it was going to be angsty and negative. Upon watching it though I was very, very happy. The lyrics are great, the dancing is good, and this was a great parody. *

Sadly so far these are the only two videos that have been posted and that was back in 2012. I really wish they would take more songs and do more eras of american or world history. That would be so cool!

Between the two videos which video do you prefer? If you like the video please message the channel to encourage them to make more of these videos. For wouldn’t it be awesome way to encourage people to get into history?



*I am not being paid in any manner to advertise this channel. I am just sharing something I love and enjoy that I found.


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