Oscars Show 2014

The 85th Academy Awards® will air live on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, 2013.Here are my thoughts as I watched as I was watching the Oscars:

  • Ellen I’m not sure if I like the little bow thingy.
  • I bet the people of Ukraine, Venezuela, and Thailand find your joke funny Ellen.
  • She just insulted Lizzia Minlia
  • Meryl Streep has been nominated 18 times. I saw Leo and he is like, will I be like that one day.
  • “Who are we kidding, this is The Hunger Games.”
  • Making fun of Jennifer Lawrence. “If she wins, we should bring the award to her.”
  • Jared Leto- he is the prettiest
  • Anne Hathaway-they are playing Les Mis as she comes out to present. I like her hair.
  • Jared Leto- for supporting actor! He is so attractive!
  • He thanks his mom, ahhhh he is so sweet! His mom is pretty! His brother is attractive too. Good genes in the family.
  • Yes, he mentions ukraine and venezuela!
  • By the way, it is just Ukraine, not The Ukraine.
  • Shiny suit! Wow- Jim Carrey
  • I love Jim Carey- I missed him.
  • “May give birth any moment” Kerry Washington
  • Pharell Williams- HE IS WEARING THE HAT
  • Amy Adams can dance- cool
  • Catherine Martin- I’m glad she is thanking her team.  The Great Gatsby
  • Leonardo looked like he teared up a little after Catherine’s speech
  • Makeup & Hairstyles- Dallas Buyers Club
  • And for all the victims of AIDS- It felt really random.
  • Harrson Ford- facial looks good.
  • Channing Tatum- he looks attractive, he looks a little tired.
  • Sandra Bulock looked so confused.
  • Matthaw McConhuys . Kim Novak, you look scary,
  • Animated Short Film Who has heard of that? Mr. Hublot
  • The one guy that isn’t talking just keeps staring and looks petrified.
  • best animated feature film- Frozen
  • SO HAPPY!!!
  • Cool, they showed Ben Hur! I actually just watched that movie today!
  • I loved the little bow he gave to Emma Watson.
  • I hope the Hobbit wins! Special effects, they have a dragon for goodness sakes. If not than Star Trek.
  • Gravity?!?!?! Rolling my eyes. Figures, they can’t honor any show that has anything geek related to it.
  • Zac Effron- that is so random.
  • Who is this singing?
  • Kate Hudson your dress is pretty and yes I saw you kick back your dress.
  • Best Short Film- goes to Helium. Looked interesting.
  • twitter is more enjoyable than most of the oscar speeches
  • I hate when music cuts off peoples speeches.
  • Ellen, “Is anyone Hungry?”
  • I love the stage floor this year.
  • I love Angela Lansbury
  • They used Harry Potter soundtrack music to exit out!
  • Ewan McGregor please cut your hair!
  • Okay all I care about is three things:
    1. Indina Menzel Singing
    2. Let It Go wins best original song
    3. Leonardo De Caprio gets an Award.
  • Can we get the show on the road.
  • Ellen is all in white
  • Everything U2 writes and sings sounds the same. I’m so over them. I have been over them for about 10 years now.
  • Someone retweeted me. Day made.
  • I’m having more fun watching my twitter feed
  • I hope the Hobbit wins
  • Again gravity! OMG
  • I swear they have a prejudice against anything that has a geeky theme to it
  • If gravity wins again…
  • Gravity beats dragon roars??? No logic
  • Gravity has won so many awards and defeated The Hobbit so many times I don’t want to see it. I heard from a lot of people it was bad
  • I added a scarf- Ellen
  • Best Actress in Supporting Role- finally!
  • I want June or Jennifer to win.
  • Lupita wins, okay.
  •  Willy Wonka Song. Love it
  • I love the purple dress (girl from precious)
  • Wizard of Oz music
  • Whoppi Goldberg presents and her dress looks exactly like julia roberts
  • P!nk singing somewhere over the rainbow- wow surprised by her dress, her singing and good job
  • Anytime Idina is going to sing, I hope
  • Elenor parker, peter o toole, richard griffiths, philip symour hoffman. Miss you all.
  • Bette- wind beneath my wings after the memorandum for all the people in hollywood that passed away this year
  • Did they cut Bette off?
  • Yah Idina!
  • Oh I heard the crack in her voice at the end
  • Even still she can sing better than anyone
  • best score- gravity
  • I want to throw something at the TV.
  • I don’t know anyone who has seen gravity
  • if let it go doesn’t win…
  • The acceptance speech by them so cute!!!
  • I’m happy. Frozen won all the awards.
  • LEO DIDN’T WIN AGAIN!!!!?!?!?
  • I give up on you Oscars.

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