I Was Into Geek Before it Was Chic

I know this sounds hipster and frankly this is one of the few times I don’t care.

lion king

I remember growing up when I would geek out about certain things I would be made fun of, but usually I would just get strange looks. If I had been walking around with this The Lion King sweatshirt on 10 years ago, I would have been laughed at and a walking target for bullies (not that I already wasn’t)

But not anymore. Geek is in, geek is cool.

While I am glad about the comeback that geeks have made, for I am able to buy more products now that I enjoy that help me embrace my geeky side, it angers me at the same time. I liked it before it was popular. I was into it before it was cool. I wore clothes from Disney before their face began appearing in forever 21, wet seal, etc. I loved Marvel and DC before hot topic began carrying their items.

I was into Geek before it was chic!

It’s just frustrating. I just get mad when people who haven’t even seen the movie or read the books wear these outfits just because its trendy. I used to be in the mentality of wanting to be trendy, but I have honestly grown out of it and while I love shopping at the mall, I have no problem shopping at the thrift store (and yes I shopped there before Macklemore made a song about it.)

I’m not expecting these individuals to know every single thing about the fandom, but I want them (and wish them) to be genuinely interested in the fandom itself, whether they are new to the fandom or they have been a diehard for years. It’s also frustrating because it feels like everyone is saying they are a geek now because it is cool, not because they are actually one.  I know that I can’t interview them and quiz them, for that would just be rude, but when you ask someone wearing an avengers t shirt what they thought of the movie and they say to you they didn’t like it because they don’t like superhero movies or stories with superheros, they just like the shirt….

It’s like if I cought a shirt with a rapper on it just because he is cool, even though I don’t listen to rap. Makes so much sense.

I am a geek. I love reading, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, BBC Sherlock, Babylon 5, Merlin, bad sci fi movies, classic movies, musicals I love reading comics (Batman is my favorite from the comics, but from the movies Ironman is my favorite). I love Disney, Pokemon, Ouran High School Host Club, anime, manga, art, music, I really love everything (except sports.) I have within the past year got into Magic the Gathering, really hard, but a lot of fun.

While I am glad that it is more accepted now, it kind of ticks me off because everyone is dressing that way because it is accepted. Not because they are actually into it.

I was a geek before it was cool and I will still be a geek once it stops being cool.


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