What Everyone Should have in their Medicine Cabinet.

For the past 4 years I have been sick more than I have ever in the 23, almost 24 years I have been alive. In one year alone I caught the cold at least 8 times, the flu  3 to 4.

Walgreen’s was my friend that year. I have a medicine cabinet that is so ready for anything. Call me Dr. Vanek. That is what my roommate calls me anyway. Heck, I  helped her and my hall-mate when they were both sick, since I knew exactly what they were going through, having gone through it myself.

This is not a detailed list, these are the everyday basics that I believe everyone should have on hand. Don’t forget, you can always get the store brand of any of these products, usually they work just the same and they are cheaper. (usually)

Medicine you should always have in your medicine box*:

  • Contac: great for cold and flu there is a variety. There is the day/night version. Which I usually use. However for those cases that are really bad where u r left in bed for days, they have extra strength as well.
    contac max contac
  • Vitamin C: even though it isn’t medicine vitamin c generally helps fight off bugs and helps your immune system, in fact if u have health issues I recommend you taking it. If u r starting to notice your throat is a little sore or has a scratchy feeling; vitamin c to the rescue. There are also Vitamin C Drops you can take as well, but don’t treat them like candy! There is a limit to how many you can have a day.
    vitamin c drops Nature Made Vitamin C Capsules Rose Hips Time Release Walmart Target GNC discount generic immune system common cold antioxidants scurvy
  • Allergy Medicine: For me I keep Zyrtec. This is actually one of the few medications that I have noticed where the store brand is not as effective as the regular brand.
  • Mucinex: Really great if you keep coughing and nothing is coming up. I used this for about 2 years on and off after I dealt with bronchitis. It was very helpful. Yes, you will cough more at times (unless you get the cough suppressant version). It all depends on which one you get and how bad your congestion is. They also have a version for the nose, I rarely use this one. In fact I usually just use vicks vapor rub to help me clear my nose.
    mucinex max mucinex
  • Robitussin: yes cough syrup. I know it tastes gross and nasty, but if you have constant coughing and using cough drops is only doing so much, you will probably want to use some.
    Robitussin DM syr3fe7f0dc-c549-4684-839f-a04500f8d7bb
  • Cough Drops: Sugar free is better, yes it is nastier however if u r wanting to be healthy why would u want something so sugary. If you. Don’t mind having cough drops with sugar the ones shown are the cough drops I prefer.
    pDGC1-12183082v380 RIC-07917-1
  • Pepto-Bismol chewable tablets: I can’t stand the liquid, when I’m feeling nauseous that thought of having to drink the stud makes me sick. So I use the tablets instead.
  • Vick’s Vapor Rub: for when u nose is stuffed and you are having trouble breathing. This can also be helpful if u are coughing a lot at night and you throat is really aggravated. Rub under your nose and chest area. Sounds weird but it works.
  • Band aids: there are many kinds of band aids. It is best to get a hug pack that has multiple sizes. Just simple logic there.
  • Neosporin: for cuts of course. You can also use Vitamin E caplets that you just poke a hole into, but Neosporin is more effective when it comes to scar reduction.
  • Thermometer: you will be amazed about how many people don’t think to have a thermometer. Strangely it is one of things that are usually forgotten when it comes to their medicine cabinet.
  • Tylenol: while one shouldn’t overuse Tylenol for it can lead to liver damage, it is better to use sparingly. I only use it when I have my period or if I have a severe migraine.
  • Ibuprofen: if you are concerned about your liver, than this would be better to take for pain. However instead of affecting your liver, it will affect your kidneys . It is also a good fever reducer, I usually though let nature take its course and change out cold compresses and cold washcloths. It takes longer, but it allows your body to build immunity and not have to deal with the side effects of medication.

        In general when it comes to pain medication, try to use sparingly. m You don’t want to effect your body.

  • Aleve: this is good if you have joint pain often. I usually have knee pain due to tendonitis, although it is rare when I use it. I usually use it when the weather drastically changes, that is when I usually feel the pain.
  • Bengay: you may never have heard of this, most of the people I know haven’t. It is like Icey Hot, although I don’t like Icey Hot, I have had a bad reaction and it actually hurt my skin so much my skin was burning. It felt like my neck was on fire and I was crying from the pain, we had to wash the Icey Hot off (my boyfriend and I) and we had to keep cooling off the area with freezing cold water. It hurt that much. After that experience I stick with Bengay. It is a cream and it smells like peppermint. It is a little messy and you should wash your hands right away after using it. For you will probably want to rub your eyes just because of the fumes and you don’t want to get this stuff in your eyes. Trust me, it burns and it is no fun.


What is in your medicine cabinet? Did I leave something out that I should have? Let me know in the comments below?

*I am not a licensed Doctor, physician, or pharmacist. This is just a recommendation. Before you use any medicine, if you have ongoing pain, nauseous, lung, or any health issues. You should consult you doctor. I am no expert. I am merely a young woman who has often been sick and trying to be helpful.



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