I Knew Russia Couldn’t Stay Out of It

He is getting on my nerves

He is getting on my nerves

If there is one thing that doesn’t surprise me it is that Russia is invading Ukraine.

For those that don’t know although I love Russian history, I don’t like Russia and until Russian politics changes, I won’t like them. I have a lot of reasons to not like them. Two of them have to deal with my ancestry. I am of Ukrainian and Slovakian descent. My ancestors came over here, for the main reason that they wanted a better life. However because they never really talked about their previous life in the “Old World” for it was to painful and they were trying to move on, I know very little I am sad to say.

What we do know about Ukraine is that they left ancestors behind and that they lived in western Ukraine.

If we look at the history between Russia and Ukraine we know they have had a long one and it is like a bad relationship that just keeps happening over and over again.  A part of history that sticks out to me the most that still gets my blood boiling that  connects the two is Holdomor. For those that don’t know Holdomor means “extermination by hunger.” A man made famine created by the USSR when they came in demanded the food, crops, livestock that the people of Ukraine worked for; Collectivization is the term here. They had to meet a quota, if they didn’t they had their livestock taken and when that was gone, their possessions, and sometimes their lives.

And where did the food go? It didn’t feed the people of Ukraine. It feed the people of the USSR. That is how the USSR was able to survive during the time, it was living off the breadbasket of Europe and was a parasite. Ukraine suffered for the benefit of the USSR.

Of course there were a couple of things that were happening at the time before this began, one of the main things was that there was a sense of Ukrainian patriotism that began to rise in Ukraine. There was a call to using the Ukrainian language, teaching it in schools and trying to get away from the USSR. Of course, Stalin didn’t like this. So with his troops he went into Ukraine before he could lose control of them. This was the result.

GolodomorKharkiv holodomor_v1 Holodomor1 HolodomorUcrania9

Since so many people died during this time whether through hunger, killing themselves, fighting for their lives, etc. It is hard to get a count on the death toll, but it is said that the population of Ukraine was reduced as much as 25%. A quarter of Ukrainians had been killed by the USSR. Whether it was direct or indirect, I still hold them responsible.

“From 1931 to 1934 we had great harvests. The weather conditions were great. However, all the grain was taken from us. People searched the fields for mice burrows hoping to find measly amounts of grain stored by mice…”

Mykola Karlosh

You want to know what people did to try to live? When they began to go crazy from starvation, they resorted to cannibalism. Yes, you read that right, cannibalism. Sometimes people would kill their family members, children, brother,sister, etc. and than eat them. They would sometime result in killing themselves from the guilt of eating them.

I will let you do your own research into The Great Famine. The purpose of this article is not to convince you to not like Russia. I’m letting you know why I don’t like them. I actually encourage you to look into Holdomor, you  may find your world view expanding.

I don’t like their politics. I don’t like how they treat their people. I don’t like the fact that the people of Russia are still suffering under a socialist government (I don’t care if they have “an election” it is still socialist. I don’t like how they have treated their neighbors.  I don’t like the fact they remind of bullies. I don’t like how they treated Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland, etc. I don’t like it.  And I don’t like the Russian Government.

With mentioning that part of history it is no surprise that with the fleeing of Viktor Yanukovych to Russia, Russia has decided that now that there little pet is safe and sound they will begin to invade Ukraine, probably from eastern Ukraine, which supports Russia. I can see

Also, in the Crimea area, it is heavily Russia nationalist. More people speak Russian in that area in comparison to the rest of Ukraine. This doesn’t surprise me because geographically speaking they are closer to Russia and historically speaking they probably are closer to the Ukrainians. Even looking at the two maps below, you can see how divided the country is.

ukraine610-1 ukraine-2010-election

I wouldn’t be surprised if the country divides into two in the future.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the people of Ukraine that lean on the side of Russia are called on to support Russia. Creating a Civil War of sorts. Kind of like when the British called on the Loyalists to help them out during the American Revolution.

People on CNN have mentioned that “The Cold War is going on.”

I would have to disagree. Around the internet conspiracy theorists are going crazy over this and many believe that we could be seeing the beginning of World War 3. Part of me doesn’t want to count that out, only because this conflict is so big. And frankly they are the only one having conflicts right now.

While I don’t agree that Ukrainians should join the European Union, for it is also corrupt and financially failing. I personally believe they should try to be independent myself. However this topic is far more difficult that could be discussed in one blog post.

blood of my ancestors

I stand with the people of Ukraine, I stand with them, and I pray that Russia will not win.


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