All the Protests!



When I woke up this morning and I checked the news on my phone I discovered that there are protests going on in Thailand. My first thought, ‘What country isn’t protesting right now?’  I also wonder which country will be next?

Ukraine’s protest seems to be near an end, but President Vikto Yanukovych has fled and no one has an idea where he is, and I believe things won’t be resolved for at least 10 more years. In Venezuela, the government has been corrupt for so long I am not surprised and frankly they are in a worse state than Ukraine. Thailand has been protesting since the end of October, but have received more media attention due to the fact there are so many protests going on right now.

All the protests of course have one thing in common, government corruption on some level. Every country, even the United States, has a corrupt government. I admire the people that are protesting against their government. Although I believe we could be dealing with the same problems of Ukraine and Venezuela in the future, that is a topic for another day.

Even though I admire and I am glad these people have the strength to protest, at the same time though it makes me feel really sad. Sad because there is need to protest, that people with power, within the government think more of themselves than of the people that they serve. It is truly a shame that despite how far we the human race have come, we tend to fall back into old habits. We tend to be selfish and we tend to lose our humanity along the way again and again.

It just makes me sad to see that we still have so much left to learn. I just wish that people would care about each other more. I wish people would recognize the signs sooner. I wish that people would see that any country and anyone can be corrupt and dangerous. It doesn’t matter what party they are from, humans no matter their party affiliation, status, or religion they can be corrupt.

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