Snow Day 2/13/2014

2-13-2014 169I am so glad that University of Tennessee decided to close the school the other day. I will definitely say they made a smarter decision this time than they did the last time it snowed a few weeks ago.  I woke up around 8:30 this morning, my first two classes had already canceled, but I had wanted to check to see it my other classes canceled. Well I can’t tell you how happy I was to see in my inbox in my email that the college was closed for the day.

I was very excited and the fact it was still snowing really surprised me. I got up and began calling family and texting friends to make sure everyone was safe and doing well. After that I got ready to head out into the snow. I put my hair up in a bun and tucked it into my hat simply because I knew I was going to do a snow angel later and I didn’t want to have to walk around with wet snowy hair afterwards while taking pictures.

It was beautiful. I was taking pictures non stop while walking through campus. I hadn’t seen this much snow in Tennessee since I first moved down here in 2002.  I came across so many people playing in the snow: building snowman, having snowball fights, building snow creatures, sledding, and taking pictures. It was wonderful.

I really felt bad at the same time, because I still saw people on the roads on their way to work. I tried to smile at them and wish them a good morning since some people had probably been stuck at work, or had a hard time driving to work. I even saw someone walk by who I could tell was a little down on her luck. I gave her some change because that was all I had. I still felt bad for her.

I walked around all over campus. I even ran into the Tibetan Monks that have been visiting and performing on campus this week. Apparently they haven’t seen snow in a really long time (from the monastery they were from they didn’t get as much snow) and they were having so much fun playing in it. They just kept picking up the snow.

When I went over to the Torchbearer there were a lot of people taking pictures of the Torchbearer in the snow in Circle Park I was genuinely surprised and not surprised by how undisturbed the snow was in Circle Park. Even the dinosaur we have on campus was covered with snow. All I kept thinking of was I needed to come up with an Ice Age joke. (I know, I know different time period. Still though amusing.)

I finally made my way to Ayres Hall and walked up The Hill. There were so many people sledding down the hill and having a great time. There were a lot of makeshift sleds broken and left over from the night before, as well as some leftover adult beverages left in the snow. I finished taking pictures here and than I went back to the dorm. Still running into more snowball fights, having snow fall on me from trees above, and witnessing some really good and some really bad snowmen.

Below are some of  the pictures I took. The ones at the bottom  link back to my instagram in the meantime. Check out my instagram to see the rest of the photos. 

2-13-2014 424

I think these maybe animal tracks. I could be wrong though

2-13-2014 447

Loch Ness Snow Monster

2-13-2014 517

These guy were working on a snow family all this size. I can’t believe how big this snowman is!

2-13-2014 514

They also created this turtle

2-13-2014 513

They made this cute seal

2-13-2014 339 2-13-2014 361  2-13-2014 440  2-13-2014 452 2-13-2014 453 2-13-2014 454 2-13-2014 455 2-13-2014 456 2-13-2014 457 2-13-2014 458 2-13-2014 459 2-13-2014 460 2-13-2014 461 2-13-2014 462 2-13-2014 463 2-13-2014 464 2-13-2014 465 2-13-2014 467 2-13-2014 470 2-13-2014 471 2-13-2014 472 2-13-2014 473 2-13-2014 474 2-13-2014 475 2-13-2014 476 2-13-2014 477 2-13-2014 478 2-13-2014 479 2-13-2014 480 2-13-2014 481 2-13-2014 482 2-13-2014 515 2-13-2014 518 2-13-2014 519 2-13-2014 521 2-13-2014 522 2-13-2014 523 2-13-2014 524 2-13-2014 525 2-13-2014 526 2-13-2014 527 2-13-2014 528 2-13-2014 529 2-13-2014 530 2-13-2014 531 2-13-2014 532

Is it snowing where you are at? What do you like to do during a snowday? Let me know in the comments below!

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