How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day if You Are Single?


We all at one point have been single on Valentine’s Day. You may or may not have a special someone in your life, however you can still celebrate Valentine’s Day.

This is a great time to give yourself lots of love because if you don’t love yourself and recognize your best attributes, no one will. Also if you have friends that are single, why not spend the day with them! Romantic love is not the only kind of love that exists. You love your friends, family, and yourself. So share the love you have with your family and friends this year!

Either way, here are a list of ideas that you can do for yourself:

  • Spa Day! Whether you go to a professional spa, or you buy a bunch of items to set up your own at home spa do it. Get a manicure, pedicure, heck get a massage. (I love massages).  Have them do your hair, makeup,etc. Go all out girl, you deserve it.
  • Buy Yourself Flowers. You can have the flowers sent to the office and special delivered for you. If people ask you who the flowers are from you can just say, “Someone Awesome.” You are awesome after all.If you feel self conscious about that you can just buy flowers and have them in your home. Just because it is Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate yourself
  • Movie Night! Whether you are having a horror or bad sci fi movie marathon. Have a movie night in with yourself.
  • Treat yourself to Dinner. If you are feeling bold and a little rebelious treat yourself to dinner. Yes by yourself. I won’t lie it is scary to eat by yourself and strange, but there is nothing wrong with it. You may be feeling awkward at first and this is totally understandable
  • Shopping Spree! Buy yourself something really nice. Since you don’t have to worry about buying for someone you love why not go on a shopping spree and buy something nice for yourself. I personally would love to get this Tiffany’s necklace for myself.


  • Go on a road trip out of town. Valentine’s Day is a weekend this year, so why not go to the beach if it is warm enough or go walking along a mountain trail. Heck take a trip into the city and check into a hotel room. Treat yourself you deserve it!
  • Host a party! Have a valentine’s day party with your single friends! You can all hang out, eat food, and exchange gifts!
  • Have fun! No matter what you do on Valentine’s Day have fun. It honestly doesn’t matter if you have someone on Valentine’s Day it is just an added bonus.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments below!


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