Valentines Day Gifts for your Book Lover & Writer


Valentine’s Day is coming up! Do you know what you are getting for your book lover and or writer? Here are some ideas and suggestions from one herself! Just click on the image if you are interested in the item.

  • A Book Safe. Depending on how the book lover in your life feels you may or may not want to get this for them. If you do get a book safe for them make sure you put something inside. Whether it is a nice piece of jewelry (either something literary or a key necklace would be fitting), a handwritten letter or poem.

    And if you are thinking about proposing, well here is something I recommend.

    il_570xN.511128597_d31r il_570xN.511128607_i7c3

  • Literary Candles. Even though we have electricity for light it can’t replace the warmth that candles give off. They have candles from Edgar Allen Poe to Jane Austen. I can’t wait to get a candle for myself.


  • Personal Library Kit. This is my dream! Seriously, I would buy this for myself right now if I wasn’t a responsible adult paying her way through school. I have so many books and I have always been afraid to lend them to people. This is a great gift for any book lover that should honestly open up their own library.


  • Literary Charmed Necklaces. If you are wanting to stick with jewelry but don’t want to get the typical heart necklace for her. Here are two book charm necklaces I found that I think are really cute. You can even
    il_570xN.234167112 il_570xN.290710916

  • Writing Journals. No writer can ever have enough journals for writing. I love the detail on the first journal, but if you want a variety of colors, moleskin has a lot to offer and they are a literary staple for any writer.

  • Literary Prints. Prints that are literary and are romantic is something simple but nice to give to someone for Valentine’s Day. Here are some prints that I really like.

    il_570xN.417431000_qcaw il_570xN.522286272_2khi il_570xN.561136325_mcnd

  • Quill or Pens. Every writer could always use a special pen or a quill. Here are some that I found that I like.

    Blue_Malachite_Cigar prodzoomimg3975_1

I love to write. I usually write short stories, fantasy, or blog posts. When it comes to reading I usually read anything, although I tend to stick with Young adult Literature, Classic Literature, and Fantasy.

Which of these gift ideas do you like? Let me know in the comments below.

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