Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Music Lover


Does your special someone love music? Are they are musician themselves?  Whether they plays instruments or they are just a lover of music, here are some non-traditional Valentine gifts that will mean more (and last longer) than the typical chocolate and flowers.

  • A collection of songs that remind you of them. Who wouldn’t want to have a personalized CD? Even though more and more people don’t buy CD’s anymore, I find it more personal than creating a playlist for them on your iTunes account. If they are into retro and you know they would love it, do a mix tape instead.
    mix tapemix-cd
  • New Headphones. Whether or not they create music, your music lover will need good headphones. The BOSE quietcomfort headphones are great, my friend has a pair and she loves them. I love them and I want a pair for myself. Not only are they great for listening to music they are also great for canceling out background noise. If your valentine has a hard time sleeping because of all the background noise or your snore too much, this could help with that as well.
    Bose QuietComfort 15-900-100
  • Concert Tickets. Whether they are into classical music or alternative, you would be guaranteeing them to take them on another date, a date just for them.  Have a couple of songs ready if you can. TicketmasterVivid Seats, and Stub Hub are some of the best options when it comes to buying tickets online.
    concert tickets
  • Perform a song for them. Are you musically talented? Perform one of their favorite songs for them on Valentine’s Day.
  • Guitar Picks. I’m not talking the plastic ones, I’m talking about getting either really nice ones they can use for their guitar or impractical ones they can display.

    This one I actually got for my boyfriend. I was able to personalize it. Click the image to go the store itself.

    guitar pic

    This one is made of maple and redheart wood apparently and I love it. It is so pretty. Click the image to go directly to the store.

  • Personalized Drumsticks. Same concept as the guitar pics and apply them to the drumsticks.


    There are different kinds of wood and it is personazlied! Click the image to go the store.

  • Jewelry/Watch. Still not feeling the other ideas. Well a nice watch or a piece of jewelry never hurt, but to go with the music lover theme here are some examples below of what you could get for them.

    I like this so much. I would want one for myself. Click the image to go to the store.


    I enjoy this, I would definitely buy this for my boyfriend this year if I had a little more money. click the image to see the store.

  • Musical Wine Glasses. This is something I would want for myself personally. I love wine and I always wanted to make music with wine glasses.

    wine glasses

    Click the image to go to the store.

I myself play the flute and sing, while my boyfriend plays the guitar and my family is just musical in general.  Are you a music lover yourself? Do you play an instrument? Let me know in the comments below!

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