Superbowl 2014

My mom made some excellent food for the superbowl and I must say I really enjoyed it. We really didn’t do much preparation wise. I did dress in Broncos colors for that was the team I decided to root for for the day.

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Here are some pictures that mom & I took of the food mom made and the decorations that she put together:

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Cheesy Tortilla Soup

My Thoughts during the most boring Superbowl Game I have watched:

  • Renee Flemming- Yah she is singing it right! I like her dress
  • Peyton Manning- “Oh helicopters.”
  • McDonalds totally stole that bad lip reading idea from this youtube channel
  • T-mobile- awful commercial
  • New Girl commercial- okay. Prince is in the episode that’s cool
  • Nascar commercial- random.
  • Pre Kick Show
  • The fur coat the new york jets and giants- totally lame and so pimpish
  • Seattle won the toss and Denver will receive.
  • Warm weather for the game.
  • This is no ordinary commercial-it’s double the commercial, they should have just kept James Franco for the whole commercial, not that old guy.
  • I loved the music in the beginning right before the kick off
  • What was that?  Peyton that was a fail. That was such a derp Peyton.
  • There is a flag already!
  • Fastest scoring in the Superbowl.
  • Refs calm yourself with that whistle.
  • Sports commentators- rolling my eyes.
  • Seahawks almost took out a cheerleader and one of the staff members, calm yourself sir
  • Denver just blocked that.
  • Sports commentator just said Exscape…. (shaking my head)
  • Bud Light superbowl ad- that is interesting about a guy that doesn’t know he is in a superbowl ad. That is weird/creepy.
  • Introspective commercial, what is this about. This is so random. cities, dancers, blue collars workers, and strike? I hate car commercials. masserati
  • Doritos- its the future. I love the time machine and it is a box too with random noises. I think they were inspired by Doctor Who.
  • A man and his truck, the bull is a very eligible bachelor. Chevy commercial. best car commercial so far.
  • Come on Denver step it up!
  • Another foul on the Seahawks!
  • Dreamworks? I hope not another car commercial.  Need for Speed? Wasn’t that a movie already?
  • That could have been a great commercial, but than it went to turbo tax. I loved the whole premise. would have been better if it was for a sports video game.
  • The strain- that looks interesting
  • That was way to close Broncos!
  • Yummy Chicken wings that my mom made.
  • A Challenge Flag is thrown, I challenge you!!!
  • bud light part 2 i like it
  • beats commercial  three bears premise with Ellen DeGeneres. It’s okay.
  • They got another touchdown, wait never mind he lost it.
  • No they got a field goal.
  • Seems like a field goal night so far
  • Another commercial dang
  • U2- still not happy that you took the golden globe away from Frozen’s let it go. Oh it s a charity for AIDS. Still not happy with you U2.
  • That wasn’t an ad commercial. It was relevant.
  • Nascar car commercial another one. Oh geez
  • Okay the Sounds of the Game thing is a great feature. I love it.
  • Intercepted by the Seahawks!
  • Interracial commercial. puppy, mommy, daddy, son
  • Interesting commercial websites
  • Radioshack the 80s called, they want their store back. The technology equivalent of the Dominos commercial, we don’t suck anymore.
  • Not another car commercial! Nice and sweet- supporting cancer. Still over car commercials.
  • Go Daddy- thank you for not having a lady in a revealing dress/outfit. I love how original this commercial is. Thank you for not sexualizing this.
  • Cosmos – Carl Sagan? OMG
  • Oh look another field goal.
  • I am so sick of bud light commercials I like the music, but that was boring.
  • weather tech made in America. ‘Murcia!
  • Transformers commercials- excited !!!!!!
  • This is such a boring game so far
  • Seahawks does another interception
  • Pretty hawk. very pretty
  • Car commercial- they all look the same.
  • Pistachios- I like the eagle in a little suit
  • That was funny
  • continuing commercial trend.
  • Did they really FUMBLE?!?!
  • The Seahawk pulled it out of the broncos
  • Another break?!?! OMG
  • Spiderman comercial
  • Carmax-slow clap? hey there is samwise gamgee.
  • Geico- boring commercial. Yea we know it has a pig, but still boring.
  • Russian Mafia commercial? M&M commercial. Kind of cute, not their best.
  • Yah Denver got a first down! No fumble. Yah!
  • America the beautiful coke commercial  I liked it in the different languagese I really enjoyed it
  • That was cool sound commercial. Sonos
  • random fire commercial before it got cut off
  • Muppet and car commercial. There were singing vegetables and chilken- kermit it happens to me all the time.
  • fritos chiken sub at subway- no thanks
  • It is already halftime, that was such a boring first half
  • Fox sports commercial- in a clam shell, wipes her nose, hilarious.
  • Zombie legal commercial- weird, but interesting.
  • west chervrolet commercial- local knoxville boring
  • another local car commercial
  • Jeep halftime report- report is in,  the game has been boring so far.
  • Both teams have just been blah.
  • I am so sick of car commercials.
  • Seinfield Tom’s Resturant – comedians getting coffee- it ended so arublty I wish it could have lasted longer.
  • Protect manning.
  • Pepsi commercial
  • Pepsi Halftime- here we go I don’t like Bruno Mars.
  • I like the kids singing and the american flag/spirit thing.
  • He can’t play drums. Although my boyfriend  said it is better than what he hears at guitar center.
  • Temptations vibe to the performance.
  • He performs live pretty well. Wow, I am so surprised.
  • Elvis gyrating there
  • Red Hot Chili peppers
  • Such a strange combination.
  • Bruno being classy and red hot chili peppers looking like red hot chili peppers
  • Red hot chili peppers-they got old
  •  They look like they are having fun
  • Yah soldier shoutouts!
  • When bruno mars was going to sing another song, I was really hoping he wouldn’t sing grenade
  • I think he sounds better for lie. live choreography better than his music videos.
  • I actually wanted a longer halftime performance.
  • We didn’t even need red hot chili peppers
  • coolsculpting knoxville?
  • The first thing they have to do is stop sucking and score. That is what they(broncos) have to do.
  • Living on a Prayer song playing in the background.  I think the broncos need a prayer.
  • Oh My word broncos. That was beyond sad!
  • Peyton is just sitting on the bench,  like “what the?”
  • The Tennessee Vols football team plays better than the Broncos right now.
  • Are the players on mary jane right now or something, because they are playing so bad.
  • Or maybe they are playing so bad because they are not used to playing without using maryjane
  • I am so sick of car commercials
  • GOLDIE BOX commercial- come on bring your toys. I love it
  • what is that the 5th t mobile commercial
  • man this is a boring game.
  • All I heard was “I air deep”  from the sportscaster. He can’t grammar though.
  • Really they see everything out there, mr sports caster?
  • Axe peace- make love not war. Dictator style.
  • chobani- weird, but cool bear commercial
  • matrix commercial, blue key or red key. kia. not bad.
  • Heinz- huming cmmercial cute
  • That was just bad. another fumble.
  • oh there is a flag
  • Honda, that was interesting.
  • Clysdale commercial. I’m coming home. Welcome home soldier. Mom is crying while watching. And they are their watching the game.  Shame it is not a better game.
  • They (broncos) are failing so hard!
  • OMG another touchdown. What a surprise!
  • I’m enjoying peoples comments on twitter about the superbowl more than the superbowl
  • Detriot  car commercial – yeah Detroit is now bankrupt.  Why is Bob Dylan doing a commercial.  chyrslar
  • Will Denver ever score?
  • They Finally got a touchdown! OMG
  • And a 2 point conversion. WHOA
  • By the end of the 3rd quarter 36-8
  • Another car commercial. They are getting old fast.
  • coke football commercial. little kid was cute.
  • Butterfinger commercial was a  disturbing
  • Twitter is the best part of the superbowl
  • That’s it I’m going to mass. Broncos are going to lose anyway.
  • Reading updates on twitter. Oh look at that Seahawks won. What a surprise. Gee I would never have guessed that.
  • Well I’m glad they won.

So my overall assessment of the game is that I was bored.

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