Commercials that Should have Aired During The Superbowl

There were two ads that I wish to have seen during the Superbowl. One was banned and one would probably never make it to be considered.

1.) Daniel Defense Super Bowl Commercial


This commercial sparked a lot of controversary because anti gun acitivists don’t like it and pro gun activist do. While I am against violence, I am for defending oneself and having laws banning guns won’t stop bad people from getting them. I would want to have a chance at protecting myself from another person that has a gun.


2.) Proud to Be


Why do we continue to use Redskin as a mascot? First of all the term is an insult. Please spread the word. This is ridiculous, why can’t we just change the mascot to a different name (yes I know years of tradition, merchandise, etc. Well that excuse was used for everything else that’s wrong).

2 thoughts on “Commercials that Should have Aired During The Superbowl

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  2. prlicari13

    It’s interesting that you mentioned the Daniel Defense commercial as one of the two that should’ve aired during the super bowl. While I personally agree with the supreme court’s interpretation of the second amendment, I can understand why the local TV networks didn’t air it. They are, after all, a business. I actually wrote a piece about the whole controversy on my blog. It turns out that the whole controversy may have been intentional.


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