Why I Am Cheering For the Broncos


Before you read this post, you may want to read my other post so that way you know how much I am not familiar with sports. Just a fair warning to sports fans out there.

You have been warned.

I know nothing about the Broncos except Peyton Manning is on it, he used to play for the Dallas Cowboys, and before that he played for Tennessee. Go Tennessee!

I am no sports expert. I don’t watch sports often, I only watch sports occasionally.

The Reasons why I am cheering for the Broncos:

  1. It is the Year of the Horse! For those that have no idea what I am talking about January, 31 2014 is Chinese New Year. As result we are now in the Year of the Horse. Broncos are basically untrained/wild horses so it only makes sense.
  2. My Chinese Zodiac Sign is a Horse. So for me, it really is a no brainer and my boyfriends says that my sign really fits me. As a result I decided to just stick with the Broncos.
  3. Peyton Manning played for Tennessee. I got to UT. I think this one is self-explanatory.
  4. I just have a Gut Feeling. I could totally be wrong though. So don’t blame me if you don’t win a bet. But if you do win a bet because of my reasoning, please let me know, that will make my day.

Who are you cheering for? Why are you cheering for that team? Let me know in the comments.

Still don’t know who you are cheering for? Check out this post that can help you decide which team to cheer for.

3 thoughts on “Why I Am Cheering For the Broncos

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