Who Should I Cheer For in the Superbowl?

who do i cheer forIt is superbowl weekend, you have been invited to superbowl parties, and you have never watched sports in your life.

You aren’t the only one. For me I don’t take sports seriously, especially NFL teams. I don’t see the point. If you have read this post. You know that I’m no sports expert nor do I claim to be.

Still though the whole point of watching competitive sports is to see which team will win. It make the experience enjoyable.

Over the years I have developed a way for myself

How I Choose A Team to Cheer for:

  1. Teams mascot. I try to figure out which mascot I like more. This usually helps me decide real quick.
  2. Team colors. If I am not a fan of either teams mascot, I look at their colors. Usually if I don’t like a mascot, I can find which teams colors I prefer.
  3. Where the team is from. It usually doesn’t get this far, but research the area the town is from. Heck even if you just don’t like the name of the town where a team is from that could be a determining factor. A silly way to do it, but hey sports fans probably think this list itself is already silly.
  4. Find the hottest player. Once you find that person, you have your team. If you find multiple players hot, pick the team that has the most hot players. I never got this far for the record, I can usually decide which team I want to pick by #3.
  5. Cheer for the Underdog. If there is an underdog, cheer for them. It is awesome they were able to get this far. They deserve to have some more fans on their side, even if only for a one game.
  6. Cheer for the Big Guy. If you really don’t like cheering for the Underdog (which I do slightly judge you for) or you just really don’t like that team, than you can always cheer for the big guy.
  7. Go along with the team your friends are cheering for. This way they can teach you everything about sports and you can learn more about your team.

No matter what though, I hope you have lots of fun this Superbowl weekend! Stay Safe.

Want to see who I am cheering for? Check out my post here

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