Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Friends

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and during this time of year there are people that won’t have a significant other on that day. That is okay because you still have your friends that you can hang out with on Valentine’s Day and exchange gifts.

Whether your gifts are big, small, homemade or bought, the important thing is to remember the friends you love on this special day.

Here are some gift ideas to give to your friend(s)!

Show them some love and get crafty!

Here are some ideas I like. With the second one you can include candy, making it more personal.

Valentine's Day Treat Packages

heart + buttons = art


Bake some goods

Nothing says love liked baked goods. If you can’t afford to get crafty, than bake something!

cookiebox Express Your Love With Cookies This Valentines Day!

Make some Food!

Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Pizza, inspired heart food ideas

bacon hearts, how to, recipe, valentines day, sweetheart, chocolate covered bacon hearts

Write them a letter

Valentine's Day Letter Writing ~ Freebie!

It is currently free to downloadFree Printable Valentines Day StationaryFree printable stationary. Click on image to go to link

Tell them why you are happy to have your friendship.


Are you and your friends exchanging gifts? What are you going to do for your friends this Valentine’s day?

Let me know in the comments below!



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