Season 4 Theories & What I would Like to See

So at the end of the last episode of Sherlock Season 3 we got a little surprise.

“Miss Me?”

So although we haven’t been given anything from Moffat or Gatiss about Series 4, already theories are flying around.

Some things to remember before I go into my theories:

  • They get ideas from the books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • And books not by him as well as long as they are related to Sherlock
  • As well as movie and tv show adaptations that are not related to the books

Here are some of my theories for Series 4:

  • It could be Moriarty, but I don’t believe it is. Yes, I know Sherlock survived the fall so it is possible that  I believe it could be a brother of Moriarty. I don’t think it is Moran, because he was arrested at the end of the first episode (yes that guy is Lord Moran).
  • Could it be The Woman instead of Moriarty’s brother? Either way we will probably get an episode where she at least makes an appearance.
  • I still think Mary will die. People may not like it, but I think it is possibility. If she is to die I hate to propose this but my first thought is the she would die giving birth.
  • We will learn more about Mary next season. In fact her past might continue to catch up to her.
  • The classic London Red Bus will be involved. Moffat and Gatiss were on a bus when they mapped out Season 4 & 5. It would be cool to see them incorporate something like that.

Sherlock Cases I would like to see:

  • The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot
  • The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist
  • The Adventure of the Proiry School
  • The Adventure of the Golden Pince-Nez
  • The Adventure of Abbey Grange

What cases would you like to see in the next Sherlock season? What cases would you like to see used in the next season?

Let me know it the comments below?

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