Grammy’s Awards 2014

Here are my thoughts of the show from last night.

  • Beyonce- I don’t like her hair, reminds me of a wet dog. The whole act in the beginning  remind me of Flashdance and a strip club act. If people don’t give Beyonce grief for this performance like they gave Miley for hers than they hypocrites. I kept thinking throughout this whole thing is when is it going to end. Please end. This is worse than Mileys songs and I am not a Miley fan.

  • I always love seeing Taylor dance in the audience. Best part of the whole first performance.
  • LL Cool J- I like his suit and his intro speech needs work. I just wish he would stop talking.  Another Taylor Swift joke, starting to get old and I am not even a Swifty or whatever the superfans call themselves. I do think its funny that she mainly writes about that at the same time though I say she go for it, I just hope she writes more than that in the future.
  • Glad Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis got Best New Artist! So glad.
  • Lorde singing Royals. Please stop. Your performance makes me sad because of how bad it is. I can barely hear you and when I do I just want to cry from how bad it is. Also thanks for the angel statue in the background, all whovians, me included, began freaking out during the performance. Thanks.
  • Hunter Hayes- nope, just nope.
  • Best Pop Duo/Group Performace- Daft Punk won. Oh well I would rather it was Pink and Nate Ruess. At least it wasn’t Robin Thicke.
  • They had a choice between 2 of The Beatles or all of the Jonas Brothers- BURN!!!!
  • Katy Perry- I can’t fully understand you because of the dome surrnonding you. No impressed. Cool performace, interesting dancing, cool themes, could do without rap, but I’m not into a lot of rap. Her singing is not that great live and the bouncing there at one point just looked silly.
  • Chicago and Robin Thicke- This really upset my boyfriend. A group as talented as Chicago and Robin Thicke is singing with them. It’s like Queen and Justin Bieber together.
  • Keith Urban- I’m sure it was good, but I was just not interested in listening to it.
  • I love you ABBEY!
  • John Legend- Again, I’m bored. Seriously I bet it is beautiful, but when your voice fades in and out, and I wish I had subtitles- that is a problem.
  • Best Rock Song- I could live with it, Paul McCartney winning works for me.
  • Honestly all the people nominated for Best Rock Song should have performed tonight because the other individuals haven’t impressed me.
  • Taylor Swift- the best so far tonight and she was pretty good. And than she whips her hair back and forth, she whips her hair back and forth.
  • I’m so over Bruno Mars.
  • Yah P!nk! Please don’t let me down.
  • She may not be singing at this point, but honestly her performance is different and I like it. The performace was well done, had heart and I can understand her. What is with the bad guy mustache on Nate Ruess? I love her outfit change, very smart.
  • Finally something good and interesting. First performance I have genuinely enjoyed throughout the whole show. Thank you P!nk
  • Best Pop Solo Performance– Lorde. Oh well. I preferred Roar myself.
  • Ozzy I still can’t understand what you are saying.
  • Ringo- good performance. Thank you the Grammys needed more performances that were good.
  • Jamie Foxx- you are awkward.
  • I think there is a snag in the announcement of who is nominated because I don’t see any of the lettering for the show.
  • Best Rap Sung Collaboration– Jay Z & Justin Timberlake. Cute Sippy cup comment.
  • Like Imagine Dragons, but not impressed with Lamar.
  • Taylor Swift is dancing again. Lots of bleeping. Oh Taylor’s mom is joining her in the dancing.
  • Camera is lagging they must be having issues tonight.
  • It’s so bright I can’t see them anymore. Cool show when its just Imagine Dragons.
  • Kacey Musgraves- its cheesy, campy and I like it. I enjoy it Immensely. The song has a great message, she has a great voice, and I can understand her. I  really enjoy that performance. There was nothing wrong with her performance.  Love her skirt, love her boots, love her whole outfit.
  • What’s Julia Roberts doing here? She doesn’t sing. Someone who was around when the Beatles were in their hayday should present them. My boyfriend, a Beatles enthusiast, agrees.
  • Nice to see some of the member perform together. Now this a performace. No flashy lights, no flashy costumes, no fog machines. Just a great performance. That is how you put on a show. It was nice.
  • Best Pop Vocal. I hope Robin Thicke doesn’t win. Not happy, but at least it’s not Robin Thicke.
  • Bruno Mars you are reminding me of Ducky from Pretty in Pink.
  • Hawkeye is at the Grammys? Okay
  • Thank God we have some singers that can perform. I don’t care if 3 of them are really old. Heck they could give lessons to many performers today.
  • Best Country Album- I want Kacey Musgraves to win ! YES She Won! SO HAPPY!!
  • She is so cute.
  • They cut her off, that was rude, others had longer speaking times.
  • Daft Punk and Stevie Wonder-what is up with the duos tonight?
  • I love Cyndi Lauper
  • Sara Bareilles- good voice. I enjoy it.
  • Song of the Year- Given to Royals! I’m  so disappointed.
  • Jared Leto is so cute & hot!
  • Metallica I was underwhelmed.
  • Record of the year- Daft Punk , well I can deal with that.
  • Wedding at the Grammys- thats unexpected. And not trying to be a downer, but I hope those couples aren’t divorced within a year.
  • Madonna’s voice sounds kind of country here.
  • Will the Grammys ever end?!
  • Music Educator Award- that’s awesome. I’m glad they do that. I hope they continue to do that.
  • I’m glad they recognize classical artists in those that have passed away.
  • Why is a comedian up there among those that have passed away?  I understand singers and producers, musicians, but comedian? Confused I thought the Grammys was all about music?
  • Just saw a tweet about that we are near the end of the Grammys! Thank God!
    grammy almost over
  • Taylor Swift got up as she heard the “R” sound. I feel kind of bad for her.
  • Album of the Year– Daft Punk.
  • I don’t care at this point,I’m just glad the show is almost over.
  • This show started at 8:00, its almost midnight. OMG
  • Nine Inch Nails, Queen of the Stone Age, Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters, Lindsey Buckingham, what a weird mix.
  • One of the few good performances tonight and they have advertisements play over the performance.
  • This was horrible! This sucked so much!

This awards began at 8:00pm and ended at midnight. That was four hours of my life that I wasted and I will never get back.

My favorite part of the night.

Well besides the show ending, my favorite part was Kacy Musgraves. Never heard of her before tonight, not a huge country person. I love her sound, I love her personality and I love her presence. She has made a new fan.

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What was your favorite act? Were you upset by any of the results from the Grammy’s? Let me know in the comments below!

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