Roe vs. Wade

I didn’t go to March for Life on January 22, 2014.

I wish I had though. Instead I went to classes, worked, and took a training course on First Aid/CPR. So today it has been over 40 years since Roe vs Wade allowed abortion to be legal in the United States.

Throughout today I have been thinking about what a hot topic this still is. It makes so many people angry, whether they are for or against.

To show my support to the people in the freezing cold I have been posting images on instagram, twitter, tumblr, etc. Well, I got a lot of feedback today.

all life i sacred

I also had these pictures posted on instagram. I got lots of nasty comments from many people. I wasn’t surprised, it was just still surprising. If you don’t agree with someones view you don’t have to like their picture or comment on their page. You can simply ignore them. I won’t display the comments themselves. If you really want to see them, just click on the link.

I know many won’t agree with my views. I just believe that all life should be given respect and everyone should have a chance to live. I tend to ignore people that start getting angry on my page, most of the time they are just looking for an argument and they want to feel important.

I won’t lie it hurts at the same time. I don’t go on their page and make fun of them. Why would you do that to someone else?

photo 1 (3)

photo (2)

photo 1 (4) photo 2 (4) photo 3 (2)

Now there are some people that just don’t understand what it means to be Pro Life, like this individual that I responded to. He made me so angry. My response begins with “What the heck is wrong with you?”

all life is sacred

Whether or not you agree with me I hope you have a good day.

One thought on “Roe vs. Wade

  1. Hannah

    You know, if you give a fetus the right to life, you’re basically enslaving the woman in whose body that fetus is growing, and if she harms the fetus at all, or ends up miscarrying it, birthing it prematurely, or ends up with a stillborn baby, she’ll be charged with the death of that fetus. And, since miscarriages, premature births, and stillbirths don’t always have cut-and-dry explanations behind them, it will often be extremely hard to prove that a woman didn’t intentionally kill the fetus. The woman will have to be constantly paranoid about what she eats, drinks, and does with her life, since she’ll constantly be afraid that she’ll be charged with murdering or harming the fetus inside of her. She won’t be able to live a happy, care-free life at all. Basically, the fetus inside of her will be ruling her life.

    Seriously, how can you be okay with that sort of a mindset, and how can you be okay with controlling women in that way? I understand that you care about fetuses, but why not care about women as well? (And no, forcing women through pregnancy and childbirth—which is what you’re doing, since you’re taking away the ability for a woman to choose not to go through with her pregnancy—is not caring at all, no matter how much you claim it is.)


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