TV Show Series Overview: Sherlock

What a series! With only 3 episode I am already sad that the Season is over but in all honesty I don’t think I could have handled any more episodes pulling at my heart strings

What I liked about Series 3:

  • We learned about what Mr. Hudson did for a living.
  • Mary was an assassin and intelligence agent of some kind.
  • We saw Sherlock grow as a human being.
  • Molly became a stronger character
  • John hit sherlock
  • Molly hit sherlock
  • Mary and Sherlocks friendship
  • All the Johnock Moments
  • Sherlolly- I never shipped them until this Series
  • John hitting people in general.
  • Everything about the Empty Hearse and The Sign of Three



What I didn’t like:
Many of the aspects I didn’t like actually came from the last episode His Last Vow

  • Mary didn’t kill CAM
  • John was at fault for Mary being who she is, what?
  • Lady Smallwood didn’t kill CAM
  • CAM’s death was not satisfying

For me the last episode was just not that satisfying with how it ended. I just wish that there was more. It felt like there was something missing.

Overall I give a 4 stars out of 5 for Season 3 because of the last episode 4 stars

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