My Thoughts on the SAG Awards

My hallmate decided she wanted to watch the SAG Awards and I thought I would watch it along with her. These are my thoughts during the Award Ceremony.

  • Watching it on TNT the guy announcing the different celebrities while on the red carpet- really annoying
  • The first guy was Rob Lowe, but I was like who are you.
  • What is Going on?
  • And I don’t know who you are either
  • You look familiar, but who are you?
  • Penny- first one I recognize!
  • I recognize you too!
  • I like you too.
  • Are we going to do this for every single actor/actress?
  • Wow the beginning of this sucked.
  • Jennifer Lawrence- American Hustle
  • Lupita Nyong’o is so pretty and awesome.
  • Julia Roberts- I hope she doesn’t win
  • I want the old women to win.
  • Not Oprah Winfrey, please.
  • Yah Lupita won 12 years a slave
  • my friend Rebecca said, Dat Ass
  • I love Amy Adams dress and her hair
  • The Guy with the long hair is pretty. I usually don’t guys with long hair
  • Thank you thank you Thank you thank you Thank you thank you Thank you thank you Thank you thank you. How many thank yous can you say
  • He remembered his mom in this speech
  • This is so hoity toity
  • Amy for The Big Bang! I hope she wins
  • What not Amy/ Fuck you
  • Her boobs look weird in the dress.
  • Best joke- didn’t think you would win
  • NCIS Abbey- I LOVE HER!
  • JIM Parson
  • Another Big Bang didn’t win again what a shocker
  • The guy that won looks like Dracula
  • I’m so tired of The Modern Family winning stuff.
  • (side thought) Leonardo DiCaprio probably won’t win the Oscars and if he doesn’t win the Oscar I will send him an award myself.
  • Thank you for getting off the show random old speaker.
  • I love Emma Thompson! I love her voice
  • I love Ewan McGregor  God he is hot!
  • Jeremy Irons is so good, he looks so sick.
  • Michael Douglas won, yah!
  • Matt Damon looked disappointed
  • Morgan Freeman is awesome
  • Rita has been in a lot of what I seen. I have seen her in a lot. Singing in the Rain, The Electric Company, West Side Story
  • She just cussed and that was hilarious
  • I’m getting bored.
  • Tom Hanks doesn’t look so good. He looks tired.
  • I love Downtown Abbey and Maggie Smith
  • Not surprised. I gave they just gave it to them since it was their last season.
  • Matt Damon is sitting there all I didn’t win an award and I’m no like no one cares about you Matt Damon
  • I love Jared Leto! He is such a pretty man
  • Jennifer Lawrence is so pretty
  • He had the expression Oh Thank God
  • Matthew McConaughey looks like he is wearing makeup and he got botox
  • My Friend “I’m sure he is a smart man, but sometimes he does not sound like a smart man.” About Matthew McConaughey
  • Denich or Thompson
  • Cate Blanchet best thank you speech tonight.
  • Thank God it’s over that was actually pretty boring.

My favorite dresses:

Lupita Nyong’o

Amy Adams

My Least Favorite:

Cate Blanchett

Kerry Washington

Favorite Moment:

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