Would you love to hear Idina Menzal sing Let it Go at the Oscars?

While browsing on facebook I came across this post. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to participate.

This past week the Oscars basically snubbed Disney, Idina Menzel, and anyone who loved Frozen’s Let It Go, by awarding U2’s Ordinary Love with an Oscar. Needless to say, I was extremely surprised. I didn’t know U2 had a new song out. To top it off it was featured in a movie about Mandela. That makes sense, he died this past year, so it will make us look good. Sorry I have listened to the song, and it doesn’t have the same impact that Let It Go does.

Let us do a youtube comparison

lets compare lets compare 2

Ordinary Love by U2

Total Views:5,057,585 as off today

Likes: 48,030

Time Watched: 33 years

Subscriptions Driven: 6, 256

Shares: 123,119


Disney’s Let It Go sung By Idina Menzel

Total Views: 42,250,488

Likes: 268, 066

Time Watched: 256 years

Subscription Driven:32,792

Share: 79,854

Seriously the only way that this song wins is in how many times it was shared. That’s it.

I have listened to the song myself. Personally, I think Ordinary Love is bland in comparison to the powerful and moving song sung by Idina Menzel. For some strange reason those who decide who wins are obsessed with U2. They are good, but it is so obvious that Let It Go is a better song.

Fans of the song are upset and people are wanting to show their support. Since people have loved this song so much people are trying to spread the word to have Idina Menzel sing Let It Go at the Oscars. She is even willing to sing at the Oscars!

This needs to happen everyone. The Oscars is March 2, we have about a month to get noticed. #IdinaMenzelOscar whenever you can. On twitter, tumblr, facebook, instagram. Put up flyers even just share this information with everyone so we can make our voices known!

If you have a facebook page that shows support, let me know!


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