You Don’t Have to Agree


With taking a Political Science this semester I already knew that this semester would be interesting, especially since this year it is a congressional election year.

With that being said I got to thinking about how I have not really touched politics, religion, etc. on my blog. I won’t lie, part of me is hesitant. The reason why I am hesitant is because frankly the one thing I am not looking forward to is angry arguments, rants, and people just being hateful because I believe differently than them.

It’s not that I can’t handle it, I just get tried of the fighting, the yelling, and all the anger that comes with it. It’s draining. Why can’t we act like mature adults. I hate fighting.

Over the years I have had a lot of people attack me for what I believe. I won’t go into it all in one blog, it isn’t possible, but it is really a shame when rather than having a logical discussion we name call each other, belittle each other, and become nasty individuals because someone else has different views than us.

I know the more I bring up religion and politics on my blog, the more heated things will get. I understand people will have different viewpoints, but the one thing I am asking I guess is for compassion, understanding, and tolerance (personally I don’t like the connotation of that word, but that is a blog post for another day).

Also I just want to point out something, just because they differ from you when it comes to political and or religious beliefs does no mean they are bad people, the devil,  not compassionate, stupid, idiots, morons, etc. This is if they actually have reasonable arguments (don’t use this an as an excuse to be racists or be prejudice in any manner).

I have always believed that even if I don’t agree with someone they still deserve love and respect. No matter how different their views are from mine. It’s not always easy, but it’s important to remember that the more angry and hateful we are with each other, the more hate and anger we are spreading the less love there is in the world.

I also believe that it is possible to still be friends and or get along even if you have different opinions. What makes this difficult is that both sides have to realize that it’s okay to have different opinions, and be accepting of the fact that the other person has a different opinion. The main thing though that makes this difficult is that people try to change the other person, you can’t make a person change.

No matter what you believe it is important to remember that not everyone is going to think like you and it’s always going to be like that. The important thing is we must learn to live, love, respect and work with each other in this messed up world.



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