TV Show Review: Sherlock- His Last Vow

TV Show: Sherlock

Season 3 Episode 3: His Last Vow

Directed by: Nick Hurran

Written by: Steven Moffat

It has taken me a lot longer to write this episode because (1) I didn’t know how to feel about this episode and it was really painful for me to watch this and (2) college is back in session.

Initial Reaction:

  • His Glasses are a computer where he keeps track of everything he has on everyone.
  • That place is a fortress.
  • That’s his house. Dang.
  • Holy cow his underground library. So cool & creepy. I want an underground library.
  • He is so disturbing.
  • What an ass.
  • What condition causes sweat?
  • He is such a creep. Sniffing her arm.
  • OMG! That is so disgusting. I feel violated just watching that. I feel physically sick at that. Reminds me of an ex.
  • Yaaahhh!
  • Written by moffat. Great get ready for the heartbreak.
  • Oh poor John he is having nightmares.
  • Who is that crying? Kate who?
  • He is the drug one? OMG John be sensitive.
  • OMG drug house. Is this going to be like The Man with the Twisted Lip and we are going to see Sherlock Holmes in the drug house?
  • John you are so badass.
  • Are you really threatening John. That is hilarious.
  • “Let me help.” OMG
  • That was soooo hot!
  • “I know how to sprain people.”
  • “Just used to a better class of criminal.” All the sass.
  • That is so terrible. Seeing this place.
  • Knew it!!!
  • Oh John is so pissed off.
  • “I’m not now!”
  • “Are we taking everybody home?” All the sass
  • OMG. She slapped him 3 times! OMG Go Molly!!! That is hot.
  • Sherlock is surprised/not surprised by John.
  • Sherlock is impressed and John is angry.
  • He wants the drug habit to hit the newspapers?
  • Anderson! He is helping Sherlock!
  • He got rid of the chair. Oh he is trying to get rid of every reminder of John.
  • So he has drugs in there.
  • Mycrofts face. Fear?
  • Scary Mycroft is scary. I don’t want to mess with him.
  • “Scuttle”
  • “We both find that embarrassing”
  • That’s awful. Still though aggressive Sherlock is hot.
  • What is in his bedroom?
  • OMG there is a girl! It’s the girl from the wedding! She is wearing his shirt!
  • Mike? For Mycroft?
  • Sherl? That’s an awful nickname.
  • She is going into the bathroom. She is in the bathroom.
  • Sherlock is so smug.
  • I wonder why Magnussen turns his stomach the most?
  • John has so many issues with Sherlock having a girlfriend.
  • That smile Sherlock it’s so cute. I want him to look at me like that. Don’t judge me!
  • That smile is killing me.
  • John’s reaction is hilarious.
  • I wish I could stay happy about this, but I already know what will happen to his “girlfriend”
  • Appledore- what is this My Little Pony?
  • Magnussen.
  • Well this is going to get awkward.
  • I hate him he is so disgusting.
  • Those glasses.
  • I still don’t understand the full story with the letters.
  • How could he know about Redbeard?
  • Magnussen is so rude, just ignoring Sherlock.
  • English with a spine. So domesticated.
  • What he is doing?
  • He is not! That is disgusting!
  • He just said England was not a real country.
  • He just showed the letters.
  • Hey that guy who was arrested on corruption, he criticized Magnussen!
  • I didn’t know that about the key card. Is that true?
  • I knew it was going to happen, but Sherlock you jerk!
  • You are a total Jerk!
  • That is so heartless.
  • That sounds horrible.
  • Really Sherlock, you faked proposed.
  • That was fast.
  • I love how he is like, ex con and white supremacist. Not worth it.
  • Mary wears Claire De Lune. OMG it can’t be her.
  • OMG it is.
  • Sherlock is shocked.
  • Is he wearing a bullet proof vest?
  • He isn’t OMG!
  • Molly? What the-?
  • Are they giving an explanation for the audience.
  • Molly slaps him again.
  • Oh Mind Palace.
  • Anderson now?
  • Mycroft too!
  • Hey Mycroft don’t be a jerk. He isn’t stupid.
  • Interesting Anderson is in his mind palace.
  • OMG Sherlock don’t die for real.
  • Oh great!
  • Thanks Mycroft.
  • What did Mycroft say there?
  • Redbeard is his dog. It’s his happy calm place. OMG I’m tearing up this is adorable. Poor Sherlock.
  • Who is that?
  • Not him. Moriarty.
  • Moriarty. He is so scary and demented.
  • Why is he there?
  • Moriarty stop being creepy.
  • I can’t handle this.
  • He wakes up at “John Watson is definitely in danger.”
  • “You are not getting better are you?”
  • The stairs, he is fighting for his life! All for John!
  • Johnlock all the way!
  • She looked really scared for a moment.
  • Are you really threatening Sherlock?
  • Yes, because he isn’t out of it.
  • Good for her. Not classy, but hey it works.
  • I love their friendship.
  • Oh burn.
  • He looks so sad and regretful.
  • He turns it down. Like he wants to cause himself pain? For hurting her? Or to help him think?
  • He escaped.
  • Spare bedroom? For Sherlock? Or For Tim?
  • John’s chair is back!
  • He put the perfume- Claire de Lune
  • I think John is figuring it out!
  • But he still gets money.
  • Oh that is cool. Is this real also?
  • Kidney joke. Please tell me they put that in because of Doctor Who.
  • Doctor’s wife must be a little bored.
  • That wasn’t Sherlock. It was a dummy.
  • It was deliberate she missed.
  • It’s John.
  • Oh poor John. I’m tearing up. I can’t handle this.
  • Lord Smallwood suicide!
  • What is he doing there?
  • Oh, only if you knew Mrs. Holmes.
  • Oh, only if you knew Mr. Holmes.
  • Well this is awkward.
  • I feel for John.
  • “Yes”
  • John is angry. Angry John. I feel for you.
  • “That’s me by the way hello.”
  • “Sherlock Holmes if you have been youtubing.” OMG there are videos.
  • She is like that because she decided to be like that, not because John picked her. I hate to disagree with you there Sherlock.
  • Sherlock looked a little bad in that moment.
  • Be nice he has every right to not talk to you. You lied to him!
  • What do those initial means? A.G.R.A.
  • Assassin and intelligence.
  • She is brilliant.
  • “We can trust Mary.”
  • She is so pregnant.
  • John you are a very big person. You are a bigger person than I am. I would have read the whole file.
  • That is beautiful. But I still want to know.
  • He attacks people who are different and prey on their secrets.
  • “Not a dragon for you to slay.”
  • I love how they are both adults and they are hiding it.
  • “Here be Dragon.”
  • All the Hobbit references. I love it!
  • What? Did Mycroft just say that?
  • Oh God what is wrong with Mary?
  • What was in the tea?
  • Oh great. He made a deal with Magnussen.
  • Magnussen makes my skin crawl.
  • Can’t wait to see Magnussen’s “Pressure Point”
  • They are just ordinary.
  • His Eye(s)! Technological eyes?
  • Hahahahaha
  • That is huge estate.
  • CAM initials on the helicopter.
  • CAM is so smug. I hate him. I hope he burns.
  • Even CAM knows Johnlock is real.
  • Just called John Sherlock’s Damsel in distress.
  • Interesting way and brilliant.
  • CAM you are a sick man.
  • I would love to see the vaults.
  • Why is he laughing?
  • CAM is really really smart
  • Why is he laughing though?
  • This is going to be bad.
  • Here it is.
  • That’s it? Is it a forgetful room?
  • That jerk. Sherlock looks so upset.
  • Magnussen mind palace is huge.
  • Sherlock looks really upset.
  • I think this is the first time he has been one upped.
  • Poor Sherlock.
  • Jobs for the CIA (she worked for the American Government)
  • CAM is slime.
  • Sherlock looks so sick and disgusted by this.
  • CAM makes a point about the news part, you don’t need proof anymore.
  • Sherlock is in shock. He knows he underestimated CAM.
  • Someone will make a shirt.
  • He is so disgusting. I hate CAM. I can’t wait for him to die.
  • I feel sick. He makes me sick inside. I want to punch him. I hate him as much as I hate Umbridge.
  • Sherlock wants to murder CAM
  • This is so humiliating. This is so degrading.
  • Oh Sherlock.
  • He even went after Sherlock’s ex-girlfriend (I know fake relationship, but still).
  • OMG he just shot him!
  • He did it for John. Oh Moffat you suck.
  • I was hoping Mary would shot CAM.
  • Mycrofts face. Don’t tell me he doesn’t care for his brother. He just puts on an act. Just like Sherlock, except his is more convincing.
  • Right and what you said to Sherlock on Christmas. What do you call that?
  • “You know what happened to the other one.” What does that mean? Do they have another brother?
  • But he is your brother!
  • William Sherlock Scott Holmes. That is his full name. I love it.
  • East Wind.
  • Well that explains the whole East Wind thing from earlier.
  • Eastern Europe. East Wind. Coincidence.
  •  He doesn’t tell John he probably won’t make it.
  • Is he going to confess something.
  • Really Sherlock.
  • ALL THE FEELS!!!!!
  • Sherlock is so sad. I can’t handle this. Moffat you suck.
  • What?
  • Lestrade?
  • “Did you miss me?”
  • Why is Mrs. Hudson freaking out?
  • Why is Molly in shock?
  • What is not possible?
  • He is needed for what?
  • WHAAATTT?!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!?
  • Moriarty is Dead!
  • He can’t be alive!
  • My brain has been abused by moffat once again.
  • I can’t deal with you Moriarty.


So part of my theory was correct we know that she was blackmailed by CAM. Apparently people are looking for her and she is in a lot of trouble with them. Makes sense that she was involved with the government as an assassin and with intelligence of some sort, maybe USA because there was mention of CIA, but that could have been brief.

I wish Mary had killed CAM. At the same time though it part of me thinks that it would have been difficult because she is pregnant and the other part of me believes that she could do it because I’m sure she has had to deal with other kinds of pains while being an agent. Also in the original story it was a random woman. If not Mary Morstan than I was really hoping for Lady Smallwood, after all her husband committed suicide, so it would have been perfect revenge. Although it would have been great is Sherlock and John arrive only to find the whole house in an uproar. While Sherlock frantically looks around for Magnussen’s library only to find Lady Smallwood there over CAM’s body saying the library is gone. It was all in his head. It just would have been awesome.

My question is how did Magnussen find so much about Sherlock? The only way could have been from Sherlock’s brother Mycroft and the only person that we know that has had a conversation with Mycroft regarding Sherlock is Moriarty. Did Magnussen and Mycroft know each other in the same way? Did Magnussen and Moriarty know each other?

Final Thoughts:

  • We will continue to learn more about Molly.
  • I still think she will die, especially since there is a new villain.
  • I don’t think Moriarty is alive. I will have a theory posted soon.
  • This episode was really good. So much happened in this episode.

Overall I would have to rate this at 4 out of 5 stars. Even than I feel that is being nice, only because I was wanting more( specifically with Mary and CAM. I know its the end of the episode of a season, but still it should feel complete and yet keep the cliffhanger somehow.

4 stars


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