All the Ships

If you have read my post on fanfiction, you know I read and enjoy good fanfiction. I like everything from adventure to the fantastic, however I prefer to read fanfictions that have a little romance.

For those that are new to fanficiton and have never read it before you may or may not have heard the term “ship.” No, we are not talking the the kind that Captain Jack Sparrow commandeered, we are talking about different kind of  ship.

ship fanfiction It is common in fandoms that people will have different ships. You will usually see people combining the two characters ships like for example Draco and Hermoine from Harry Potter fans combine the two and the pairing is called Dramione.

This happens in every geeky and non geeky fandom that exisits. Usually people only ship fictional characters, however I have noticed people have started shipping real individuals. I heard this from a friend who is into One Direction that apparently they ship the band members with other band members?

And creepy. I personally don’t approve of shipping real people. I think that is just strange.

I didn’t believe her so I began to investigate the One Dieection fan sites and can I say that is weird. Not only is that creepy you are affecting their actual lives. Just stop.


Seriously, though I have shipped before I knew shipping existed. I will post about that later.

Also another term that is related to shipping is OTP which stands for One True Pair. It is a fandom thing and a person’s OTP usually changes.

If you want to know all the people I ship there will be a list. Yes, I have a list.

My top 12 (I have more, but that would take a really long time ):

  1. Marcus & Ivanova
  2. Sherlolly -Molly & Sherlock
  3. Johnlock- John & Sherlock
  4. Thilbo- Thorin & Bilbo
  5. Dramione- Draco & Hermione
  6. Drarry- Draco & Harry
  7. Nuna- Luna and Neville
  8. Harmione- Harry and Hermione
  9. Fremione- Fred & Hermione
  10. Captain Swan- Emma Swan & Captain Swan
  11. Rumbelle- Rumplestilskin & Belle
  12. Kiliel- Kili & Tauriel

Why Do I Ship?

It’s fun. I enjoy the idea of happy relationships, second chances, and the whole “what if” is really cool to think about. Also if I’m not happy with how a story is going so I just rewrite it or I read fanficiton that someone else has written.

Do you read fanfiction? Do you ship? Who do you ship?

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