My First Ship

When did I start shipping, when did my journey into fanfiction began?

It began with these two in a series called Babyon 5. It was a love that was never started, a relationship that never began, a love that would never be. Everyone shipped her and Talia Winters, I shipped her and Marcus. He made her laugh, he frustrated her, he challenged her, he wasn’t afraid of her, her loved her and sacrificed his life force, his soul. He did it all for her. He wanted her to live, he wanted her to be happy, to live her dreams. He couldn’t see living a life without her, so he gave up his life so that she may live and find some happiness.

I was unhappy with how this ended and it made me angry. So in my head I imagined Stephen came back in time and saved them both. So they could live their life, so they could love and have beautiful children. But no, he died.

How did he die? There is an alien machine that allows you to give your life force to another if they are injured or sick, that way the other person can be healed. He gave up all his life force for her.

These two were my first OTP. The first ship that I made. I was 10 years old when I was introduced to this series.

Can you imagine a 10 year old having these feels? I still haven’t recovered I’m tearing up and its been 13 years. 13 long years. I still cry during this scene. It still rips out my feels, takes my heart out and stomps on them both.

And I don’t care how old this series is!

Marcus Cole and Susan Ivanova is my OTP, my ship!

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