I love Shen Yun

Ever since I had seen this coming I had been so excited to see this.

My boyfriend and I went this past Tuesday to see it and it was wonderful!

I spent about 2 and a half hours getting ready. I was really looking forward to the night out.


Getting ready

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So we got there and went into the Tennessee Theatre and we were in the balcony! I had so much fun.

My First Impressions:

Right away when the performance began I was overwhelmed by the beauty, all the colors, the sparkle and the music. It was all so rich and beautiful. These pictures do not do the show justice.

All the performances were beautiful between the dancing, the music, and the opera. Yes there was opera in Chinese. And It was awesome.

I won’t and can’t go into the whole show. It was beautiful. Each dance was about 15-20 minutes max. But wow, they were wonderful.

I couldn’t take pictures because it wasn’t allowed so I found pictures that were from the show I saw.

However I will list my favorite dances :

  • The Steadfast Lotus: People are practicing Falun Dafa. A mother gives her daughter a banner with a lotus flower and three words, “Truth, Compassion, Tolerance.” The mother is taken away for practicing religion by the Communist party police. The ending of this dance though is very hopeful and beautiful.

    I thought this was just beautiful and heartbreaking. I was close to tears, but I held them in. I was very glad that the ending of this

  • Lotus Fairies: Title describes it all Lotus fairies. It was beautiful because when the curtain came up there was this thick cloud over the stage so it really looked like they were on a cloud. the dancing was beautiful and I just loved the fans, they were silk fans that looked petals and swayed like petals.
  • Buddha’s Compassion Shines Forth: This was also another one that involved the communist party and it is somewhat sad. A group of Falun Dafa followers were practicing their faith. In China a couple is holding a banner that says “Falun Dafa is Good” Once again someone is taken away by the Communist Party police, but things end well.

I really enjoyed the show. I had a lot of fun. The dancing was amazing and apparently the show is different every year. I definitely plan on going again next year!


2 thoughts on “I love Shen Yun

  1. Shenyun Dancer

    I am a lead dancer from Shenyun performing arts, and seeing that two of your three favorite dances deal with the tyrannical oppression of freedom, I am honestly very, very glad that audience members such as yourself really feel the emotional distress and oppression behind the dances. Thank you for coming to watch the show, thank you for supporting out cause and please, come again next year if you can!


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