Who is Mary Morstan? Part 2

  So the new Sherlock Episode is up! I was analyzing Mary like crazy during this episode, although she didn’t have that many moments in the episode in comparison to the last episode.

If you haven’t read my first post on Mary click here. Yes, there may or may not be spoilers depending on whether or not my theory is right.

In this episode it was John and married were getting married. At the wedding reception we hear one of the telegrams from Sherlock.

“Oodles of love and heaps of good wishes from CAM. Wish your family could have seen this.”


Look how upset and bothered she is by the telegram.

Right away we are introduced to something that supports part of my first theory from Part 1 of this blog post.

Theory 1: Mary is being Blackmailed by Charles Augustus Magnussen. For what I don’t know, but she is an  victim of hims because she is being blackmailed. I have a feeling that maybe someone who is under her protection that she is a legal “Guardian” of is a risk. Also this would cover the term “Secret”

Later on we hear from her while they were planning the seating arrangement  “Orphan. Lot of friends is all I have.”

Mary, I don’t think you are being honest. Let us look at an image from the first episode


It says she is an only child. We know she can lie. And who is she a guardian of?


Sher even practically admits to Sherlock that she is a Liar.

“I’m not John. I can tell when you are fibbing.”

Liars know when other people are lying.

Also can we just point to the simple fact that nothing is a coincidence and that Mycroft (Gatiss) said it himself in the episode during the mind palace scene. When I saw this scene and I saw how she played both Watson and Sherlock all I could think of was well this is just another sign. Image

She is truly clever and probably a little more devilish.

Now I can truly accept the theory that she is being blackmailed and it has to do something with family, clever, Guardian, and possibly her being pregnant.

Now looking over The Adventures of Charles Augustus Milverton, in the story a lady is being blackmailed because she had some indiscrete letters with another man before she met her current fiancé.  In that time period that would have been considered scandalous, now in a day and age where having sex before marriage is the norm, this wouldn’t make anyone blink. I began thinking about what would people want to keep secret, especially a woman, and someone who is engaged.

Looking over all the clues here are my theoretical reasons why Mary would be blackmailed:

Blackmail reason #1: Mafia

When thinking about her I started thinking about how she knows codes, is a liar, is clever, has a family she doesn’t really talk to (she considers herself an orphan) and all of a sudden I started thinking of The Adventure of the Dancing Men. In that story a man comes to Sherlock Holmes telling him that every since these Dancing Men symbols appeared his wife has been distressed and distracted. We learn that her family was part of the mafia and she had wanted to escape that life.

If she was to have been part of the Mafia, they would probably not like her choice of husband, they would probably want her to marry a family friends son. Also if they found out if she was pregnant with John’s baby, man that would be bad.

Although I don’t believe Mary’s family could be part of the Mafia, for marrying John would expose her to the limelight that John and Sherlock are in, I do believe the code aspect to be important. We don’t know what work she has been involved before John, she could very well have been a code breaker or a profiler of some kind, (she is very good at reading people: Sherlock, Watson, Major Shotoo, etc.), probably for the government.

Blackmail Reason #2 She had worked for the government

It doesn’t have to be for the British government either. She could have been an agent of some kind for another government before she went rogue and left for London. She could very well be blackmailed because she used to work for this other government and she is trying to stay hidden. Unfortunately she married John, she probably won’t stay hidden any longer.

Speaking of the government let’s take a quick look at next episodes trailer

Look at what Mycroft said, if you go against Magnussen, you go against me.  I almost wonder if Magnussen works in the government or at least  has very strong ties.

But what does that have to do with Mary?

Well if Magnussen has connections to the government he could find her weakness and exploit it with greater ease. Especially if she had worked in a government (which one, I have no idea). Heck Mary could not be her real name at all. Also let’s not forget she is someones “Guardian”. It is possible that person’s life could be held against her as well.

This however presents another thought, Mycroft would know all about Mary. He knows more than he is telling. We know Mycroft is the Government, nothing happens without his knowing. And he would know all about Magnussen.

Blackmail Reason #3 She used to work for Magnussen

Whether she worked under him in the government or she was an agent of his to gain other peoples secrets she used to work for him and decided to quit. Well he would know all of her dirty secrets including this one, would you want your family and friends to know that you used to sell secrets for blackmail. I wouldn’t want them to know. So she could be blackmailed for that, although that seems a little bit of a stretch.

Blackmail reason #4 She is pregnant with someone else’s child

Although this one is a little more far fetch simply because if we look at the wedding scene and we can clearly see she is not showing. Now takeing into account every woman is different it can be 3-5 months until you are showing you are pregnant. Since she is not showing, and since Sherlock said she was showing signs (and we don’t know how long she has been showing them) she could very well have been less than a month to 2 months.

Let us examine another fact. There was a lot of time that passed between the Empty Hearse.  Before we continue the Reasons for Blackmail, let us take a look at John Watson’s blor.

Thank you John Watson’s blog for the Help!

Notes from

  • The Empty Hearse- November 7
  • The Poison Giant- May 27 (Somebody had wanted us dead and rather than hire an assassin had hired a pair of jewel thieves who were like the parallel evil universe version of Little and Large. We never found out who was trying to kill us.)
    *Sound familiar, they never found out who kidnapped John either.
  • Happily Ever After- June 3 (Note of Interest Blackmail happens in this case! Chris, a friend of hers from university, had discovered this and blackmailed her.)
    *Maybe Magnussen is helping?
  • The Elephant in the Room -June 10 (sadly they can’t go into details because of the government)
  • The Bloody Guardsman- June 29
  • The Hollow Client- July 2
  • The Mayfly Man-  July 21

So it has been about 8 months that have passed giving plenty of time for Mary to get pregnant, plan a wedding, and have an affair.

Here is Sherlocks face as he surprised the couple

sherlock p1

For example let us look at Mary’s face after the he announces it to John and Mary.

mary p1

The first one we can attribute to a “bloody hell” moment, but the second one…

mary p2

She looks panicked. Granted she could still be having a “bloody hello moment, but look at the next 3 pictures of Sherlock.

sherlock p1sherlock p2sherlock p3

It happens so fast you have to rewatch it! I did 10 times and I still couldn’t get that flash of deduction in the image. But you can tell he deducted something and like before he kept quiet about  “Liar” and “Only child”, he kept quiet about this too.

Back to Reasons for Blackmail

Reasons for Blackmail #5- Combine #3 & 4

Reasons for Blackmail #6- Combine #2 & 4

Now those are the Reasons for Blackmail. How would she be able to pay Magnussen?

Method of Payment #1 Money of course

We don’t know how Mary met John, but she is marrying a Doctor. She could truly love John, but may have originally gone after him because she is running out of money. We know nothing of her finances

Method of Payment #2 Secrets about John and Sherlock

Magnussen being somehow connected with the government could have known that Sherlock was still alive and had Mary get close to John in order to get close to Sherlock.

Method of Payment #3 Both

It could have originally been the first one and it grew to include the second one.


Either way we will hopefully get answers to all of these questions soon:

  • Where did she work before she worked with John?
  • How did she meet John? And where?
  • How long have they been together?
  • Who is she a Guardian of?
  • Why does she not keep in touch with her family?
  • Is she paying money as a result of blackmail? Or is she doing something in exchange for her secret to be safe?
  • Will Mary die by the end of the Season?

What are your thoughts on Mary? Let me know in the comments below!

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